Bonjour mon ami’s and how are you all?? Wow, it has been so long since my last post that I feel as if I’m starting my blog all over again.

In a way lots has happened and not much has happened. Francis is getting bigger and stronger every day and is really starting to develop his own little personality and I have to say he really is an easy baby to look after who sleeps wonderfully well at night so his mummy can have lots of rest too. He loves play time on his mat and big sister Bec is always close by to monitor his every move or to pretend she’s a bub again so she gets to play with his toys.

Bec and Francis having some play time…

Remember those projects I started a few weeks before I had Francis?? Well I’m sorry to say they’re still waiting to be finished as I really have not had any spare time to do anything in the way of revamping, however I am hoping to get somewhere with them soon as I’ve bought a new toy that will make things get done a little quicker. I’ll have an update as soon as I’ve made some headway.

On the upside YuppyBubby is up and running again!! I finally managed to get a start on some new burping bibs and they’re all set to be sewn up and put together. I’ve worked out a schedule where I work my butt off for the days Bec is at kindy as that’s when I can get most things done. I have two days for cutting out and prepping patterns and deciding on fabrics and then one day for sewing it all up. It’s going to be alot of work doing it this way but it’s what needs to be done to get things going again and now I’ve started I’m finding my motivation is coming back. I also have another line of products I’ll be starting in the next month or so that will be separate from YuppyBubby so keep your eyes open.

New burping bubs set to go…

We’re planning a weekend trip to Perth this weekend as I’m longing to catch up with friends but mostly I want to visit my nan who is very sick and we really don’t know how much time we have left with her and I feel it’s important for her to meet her newest great grandson before it’s too late. We’ve needed a long weekend break for quite some time now and I think we’ve earned a much deserved break.

My gorgeous smiley boy….
It feels so good to be back and now that bub is down for the night by 8:30pm I’ll be able to update you all more often and I’m looking forward to catching up on some reading to see what you’ve all been up to….well take care for now, I’m off to get some sleep but I’ll be back soon…Au revoir…