Bonjour….well it has been a long time between posts and there are several reasons for this… I’m beginning to remember what it’s like not to have a lot of time on my hands any more. Francis is thriving so well and is a great sleeper and we have a pretty good routine going now…..we’re also busy with doing the school run as Bec has started kindy and is loving it, so by the time we get her off in the morning, come home, feed, change and burp Francis the morning is almost gone…..he really is the best baby to care for and to take to town as he sleeps well in his pram and is quite content to have a nap while I push him around everywhere….

My gorgeous boy having cuddles after a feed…

The other reason it’s taken me so long to get round to a post is because I’ve been having major trouble with my phone and computer…..I upgraded the software on my phone and now it won’t let me transfer pictures to the computer…all the settings have changed and after getting so frustrated trying to sort it out the other day I was ready to throw both computer and phone out the window, so I stayed off both for a while with the exception of instagram…..I’m seriously thinking I’ll have to take my phone into the telstra shop and ask them to fix it…..sometimes technology really sucks….

Lots of cuddles to be had….

And the other reason I’ve been a little lax in getting a post done is I just want to spend as much time with my new baby boy as possible…..he’s so amazing to watch and he’s just started smiling this week…and it’s all these little things I don’t want to miss because I’m on the computer….Things this time round are very different….I find I’m more relaxed looking after bub, I’m enjoying it more and while I’m totally engrossed in watching Francis get bigger and loving smooching him at every opportunity I get (pretty much all day hehe)….I have to admit I’m looking forward to him getting bigger so I can teach him things like gardening, refurbishing furniture, painting, swimming and basically showing him there’s a lot more to life than t.v and computer games…..I want him to be an out door kid who loves being active and uses his imagination and inquisitiveness to enjoy different activities. Already Francis is very alert to what’s going on around him, very, very strong in his neck and tries to climb up you when having a cuddle…..I have a feeling he’s going to do everything early like his big sister Lauren did….

So yes while I’m still finding time to blog and report on life I’m enjoying all that’s happening at the moment and looking forward to more to come…..well I’m off for now but I will be back soon so take care and Au revoir….xo