So last Friday after being on layby a little longer than intended our new bed was delivered…yey…or I thought it would be yey but it turned out to be three days of ARGH!!!

Now Chris and I are usually more than competant when it comes to putting furniture together and we work well as a team and never lose out patience or temper with each other while building something….but this bed…this bed was a right royal pain in the ASS! It came with one page of instructions with no words on it just diagrams and all screws were shaded making them all look the same and the diagrams were all wrong….they had pieces showing in the wrong place and upside down and another piece that supposedly sat flush with the bed but in reality doesn’t sit flush as it’s too short.

After attempting to put the bed together Friday, Saturday (which included talking to Bedshed) and Sunday and getting pretty much nowhere we finally called Bedshed Monday ready to send it back and get our money back. However one of the guys there was really understanding and said he’d come out and have a look to see if he could help. It turned out we had a few screws in the wrong places, despite them fitting and looking like they belonged, some screws just didn’t fit and had lost their thread and the middle beam needed to be taken back to the store to be adjusted. Russell finished putting the frame together for us as we had it mostly done but some screws had lost their thread and wouldn’t go any further, he also said he’d be back after work to bring the new screws and middle beam back……when he did come back Chris was home from work himself and they both went down to the room and had the bed finished in five minutes!! Seriously after four days of cursing and wanting to throw the bed out the window they just finished it quick as…..mind you Russell did come back with some tools that made the job alot quicker and easier. So because of Bedsheds fabulous customer service and help in us keeping our sanity we will still be shopping at Bedshed when it comes time to buy Bec’s new bed and a few other things I have my eye on….

The new bed that caused so much drama…it almost took the love away from it…
Now it’s all sorted I love it again and totally enjoy having the headboard to lean against while feeding Francis in the middle of the night and it’s made our mattress more comfy too…Now to just sit and wait a little while longer for my new couches…woohoo..!!
So have you ever bought a piece of furniture you’ve longed for just to have it go pear shape and almost send you insane?? I’d love to hear your stories….Well I have to go as I have a few things that need doing before bub wakes up…I will be back tomorrow with an update on how we’re all going now Francis is here….take care for now….Au revoir..xo