Bonjour mon amis…as I said on Friday I’ve been working on a small and quick project but despite it being small and an easy project anyone could do I have to say I’m very happy with it and love the colour….Now most of you know I love to white wash everything I revamp (hehe) but this time I wanted to inject a little colour against the white…..For ages I’ve loved Duck Egg Blue so I went with it at half strength and am so happy with the way it came out, especially considering I’m not really a big blue lover…with the exception of the ocean 🙂
Old and out dated…though I kind of liked this blueish colour and that’s what inspired me to go with the Duck Egg Blue…..
So all I did was remove the backing cardboard, the picture which was just a print and the glass. I threw the glass out as I had no need for it, I turned the print over and glued it to the backing cardboard and gave it a couple of coats of white paint.

A few coats of white paint and the backing is ready to have pics pinned to it….

Next I primed the frame with a couple of coats of white paint then finished it with the Duck Egg Blue, popped the painted backing back into the frame and voila done….Now I have either a new notice board or a mood board, I’m not quite sure what it’s going to be used for yet…..I’m even thinking about maybe putting it in bub’s room where I can put pics as he’s changing.

Finished in Duck Egg Blue….

I love the blue against the white…it won’t live here but a good spot to get a good pic…

This really was such a quick and easy project and I’m still on track for all the things I want to get done before bub arrives…assuming he doesn’t come today, that is because today I’m starting on a slightly bigger project that I’m going to need a few days for… hopefully he’ll let me get it done.

I’m really happy with how it came out and now to find the right home….it could still go in bubs room yet….

A possible home for my new notice/mood board….

So what do you think mon ami’s are you a blue colour lover or do you prefer to stick to all white or perhaps you have another colour you love to throw around the house….I’d love to know what your fave accent colours are.
Well I’m off for now so take care and I’ll be back asap before bub has me in hospital and I can’t do anything for a while…..Au revoir ami’s….xo