Last Sunday I got a call from my awesome daughter asking me if she could come down to stay for a week or so as she’s just recently broken up with her boyfriend and needed some time out of the city. Of course being the awesome mum that I am (hehe) I said of course she could come and stay so two and half hours later she turned up on our door step. Admittedly she caught up with friends and spent a few nights at her cousins house and I haven’t seen her as much as I’d like but there comes a time where you have to let go and it’s not always easy. We have been spending yesterday and today just hanging out though and it’s been nice having her back at home. Now she’s heading back to the city tonight as she has some stuff she needs to sort out….I’m kind of hoping I go into labor so she’ll stay…lol….I miss having her to hang out with and go to town and do all our girlie things we used to do when she still lived at home.
Me and Lol (Lauren) not long after moving to Busselton…was a good afternoon at the beach with Luke too…
Although it’s been a quick trip home for Lol and I wish she was staying longer it’s been so good to see her and she’s been doing the big sister thing with Bec and Eva….she always wanted a little sister when she was little and now she’s ended up with two and a baby brother on the way….
Eva and Bec hanging out with big sister Lol….they were having such a ball together especially when Lol took some photos on her computer…It’s amazing how much can change in three years..
Well I have to go as Chris will be home soon and it won’t be long before we have to take Lol to the bus station and see her off so I better go spend some last minute time with her…..Don’t you wish sometimes you could make the kids stay small so you didn’t have to let them go?? Sounds weird I know but hey I’ve been doing this lark since I was 16yrs old……and about to start again hehe….
Tonight I’ll be finishing off a small project I started and I’ll be back to show you  all tomorrow so for now take care and Au revoir….xo