Bonjour mon ami’s….I hope you’re all enjoying your Friday knowing Saturday is literally around the corner…..I know I’m particularly looking forward to tomorrow as I get to finally go and have my pedicure I’ve been waiting so long for…..I don’t usually get one very often but with not being able to reach my own feet now I thought what the heck….I’m 37 weeks pregnant I deserve it…woohoo..!!

37 weeks today….the count down is really on now…

Today I thought I’d do something creative with the girls and being that Eva in particular loves craft and I completely lack crafting ability I came up with an idea to suit us both and Bec of course. For ages the girls have been watching me sew and make things for Yuppy Bubby and asking me all sorts of questions about sewing (don’t you love it when kids think you’re an expert and have all the…if only they knew..) and why I do this and how come I do that….so I thought I would teach them a very basic sewing skill that once learnt they’ll always have…I thought I’d teach them to sew buttons. Now not just any boring old buttons on a piece of boring old…not my style…I thought I’d get them to make a headband each….that way it’s something they can use and say they made themselves. I had plenty of calico and I knew just where to take them to get some cool buttons so that’s exactly what we did this morning…..and being that my niece was coming over I got her some buttons as well so she could join the girls in their sewing adventure..

The start of their headband project…

Working hard at keeping their buttons on without getting stabbed…

The girls really enjoyed themselves and did such amazing work, I was very surprised how quick Pia and Eva became with stitching the buttons on as neither of them have hand sewed before and I was very impressed with how nimble fingered Bec became as she went on……admittedly she did prick herself quite hard at one point, so to say…hehe….but after a few tears she shook it off and got back to work and learnt to watch where her fingers were. For four years old she did extremely well and almost kept pace with the older girls. I think there’s going to be a lot more sewing projects they’ll want to do now but that’s fine with me if it keeps me away from the fiddly craft otherwise I’m sending them over to mum…lol.

Eva with such concentration on her face…watch out prjoect runway…lol…

Bec becoming very nimble after a slight pricking mishap….she’s tough…that’s my girl…

Pia and Eva having a chat while working….

So after what took the better part of the day to get all the buttons sewn on the girls went off to play while I put the final touches on…otherwise known as the elastic….these are very simple headbands to make and I will be putting a tutorial up in the next few days….this is pretty much the way my mum taught me to make headbands when I was a kid….

Bec, Eva’s and Pia’s creations before assembly….they all designed their patterns themselves…though I had a little input with Bec’s….

After my attaching elastic they were all set and ready to wear….

My Junior Yuppy Bubby Designers in the making…all so proud of their efforts and their creations…xo

So as you can see if things keep going this way I will be able to retire in ten years and let the girls run Yuppy Bubby…..hehe…..No really it was a good day and although I thought to do some of my own sewing while they were sewing I’m glad I didn’t because they really did need my full attention as there were almost a couple of disaster but with a bit of guidance they were avoided……I hope this will be one of those memories for the girls when they’re much older and they remember sitting down with their mum and Aunty to make headbands….they’ll probably think they were daggy but at least it will be a fun memory. I remember sitting down with my sisters and mum one day to make some clothes for our barbie dolls and all was going fine with mine until I went to put the top on my barbie and her head wouldn’t go through……I had sewn the hole shut where her head was supposed to go through….even as a kid I was not a patient person when it came to craft or sewing, so I ended up having a hissy fit and giving up and my barbie went without a new top…..I was not impressed at the time but it’s funny now 20+ yrs later…….

I figure that with bub arriving in three weeks time I better take each opportunity to do things like this with the girls before my time is cut in half… I’m glad the girls had a good day being creative and are proud of their handy work…..I already have another idea in mind for them but will leave it for a couple of days as my wrist is sore tonight now but it was worth it to put a smile on their faces and give them a boost in self confidence…..

So for now Home, Love & Life friends I’m off to rest my wrist and get some girls to bed so take care and I’ll be back soon…Au revoir for now….xo