Bonjour mon ami’s I hope you’re all having a good morning so far whether you’ve got lots of sunshine or plenty of thunder storms and rain like we have at the moment. Right now I’m just enjoying the peace and quiet before the day really gets started.
Today I thought I’d share with you a little project I was working on yesterday while the rain pelted down outside. Sometimes there’s nothing better to do than to pull out the old sewing machine while the weather sorts itself out and while I have the house to myself.
Now as you all know bub is due soon (6 and a half weeks to be precise…yey) and I’ve been thinking about the dilemma of feeding him while out in public. To tell you the truth I HATE parent rooms in shopping centres. Quite often they’re smelly from pooey nappies, there’s toddlers running around in there and I really just don’t like sitting listening to people gossip while I’m trying to feed my baby…so, unless I need to change his backside I won’t be using the parent room. However I will be breast feeding and I consider myself a pretty modest person and I don’t like flashing all my bits and piece all over the shop, not even at the beach. I was wondering how I could tackle this problem last week when I saw on etsy there were some breast feeding covers. I have never heard of them before, (yet again, it’s amazing what new products have come out in 17yrs) but liked the idea of them and after doing some research on how to make one I finally found an easy as pattern and whipped one up. Now seriously they’re so easy I think a six year old could do it if showed how.
Anyhoo I was at spotlight Tuesday and saw this fabric and loved it straight away, well almost straight away. I liked it, picked it up, had a feel and a think, put it down, wondered over to some more fabric and couldn’t get it out of my mind because I could see it already made up so picked it back up and bought it. And this is what we have now.
I love this fabric and it really was so easy to make…
Me testing my Feeding Cover out….as you can see there’s plenty of room to cover yourself and bub…
And because I had enough fabric over I made a matching burping bib…
Now I will be making and listing these on Etsy at YuppyBubby and the fabrics will stay in the grown up fashion as it’s mamma’s who are wearing them not bub him/herself….and yes I will be doing sets with matching burping bibs like this one.
I will be making another cover today out of some lovely fabric I found on ebay and assuming there’s enough fabric over I’ll make the matching burping bib as well.
Ok I’m out of here now as my feet are getting cold and I need to get a few things done before dropping Bec to mum so I can get to the hospital for my walk through appointment. I will fill you all in on how that goes later….so have a good day et prendre soin pour le moment (take care for now)…Au revoir…xo