Bonjour mon ami’s and how are you all doing today? So far the start to the week has been a quiet one after Bec’s bout of gastro over the weekend. I’ve just been plodding around home cleaning, washing, shopping, the usual things I do at the start of the week as well as implenting a few new changes to my routine.
Yesterday morning not long after walking in the door with all the food shopping I got a call from my new doctor (she’ll be delivering bub) to inform me I have gestational diabetes. Great!! Not!!…In some ways I’m not too surprised as when I was doing the GTT test last week I started feeling queasy, tired and a little headachy. I’ve had this test before over the years and never had these symptoms come up but due to a strong family history of late onset diabetes I have the knowledge of symptoms and what to look for. So while it’s a bit of a concern I’m not completely surprised by it. Now it’s a case of changing the diet, monitoring sugar levels and getting some exercise.
Patched up after the blood test last week…
Now I get to prick my finger each morning to monitor sugar levels…
I must have known something over the weekend because on Friday night I decided to join up and do Michelle Bridges’ 12WBT Pregnancy Program. Right from Saturday morning I started eating healthier and cleaned out the fridge and cupboards of any unhealthy food that was left and bought a few things for over the weekend til I did my normal shop on Monday. So far the food is great and tasty and keeping me fuller longer, so I’m very happy with that. I am determined to keep my sugar levels under control and where they should be as there are risks for bub and for me if I don’t. I’ve been reading up on gestational diabetes {here} and the problems having diabetes during pregnancy can cause are a little worrying but I’m sure if I keep everything in check all will go well and I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow who I’m sure will give me more info.
So yesterday morning marked the start of the full start of the 12wbt program so I got up early and did my exercise then had a healthy breakfast, all before Bec was out of bed thank goodness. Today I got up a little late and though Bec was ‘only trying to help’ she didn’t make it easy for me to get my exercise in while she was up and about so I will have to make sure I do it either early in the morning or when she has her afternoon nap from now on.
This is a great, easy 30 min workout for all fitness levels…..
I actually bought this dvd years ago and have been super spasmodic with it but after doing it yesterday I felt like I had more energy and lasted the day alot better too. Also since changing my eating just from Saturday morning on I have lost almost a kilo!!…Now I’m not dieting to lose weight as that is unhealthy to do while pregnant but I believe just from removing cool drink, sugary foods, take away etc it has made a difference already. Also my feet were swelling up alot lately but I’ve noticed this morning, even after exercising, they’re back to normal and not puffy at all….I will be questioning the doctor on this to see if the change of diet is what’s helped with less swelling. Tomorrow is a rest or cardio day in my program and while I have a few appointments I must attend I’m thinking I’ll try and get some laps in at the pool before I need to pick Bec up from Bumble Bee.
Well I’m off to make Bec some lunch as she’s telling me she’s starving to death…kids are so dramatic…lol….and it’s a salmon and cottage cheese wrap for me..yum….so keep well, take care of yourself and I’ll be back soon….xo