Well it’s 1:03am here in lil ol’ sleepy Busselton yet I’m wide awake but dying to go to sleep. So why am I up you ask? Well it’s like this. Today was pretty much the usual routine of Chris going to work, Bec and I getting up later than I planned, some research into a project I’m working on, Chris home early from work……you get the general idea. All was going well until dinner time, we opted for pizza tonight as it’s a Friday, so lazy night, only to have our little Miss Bec refuse to eat her dinner. Now she loves pizza and never turns it down but tonight it all tasted ‘disgusting’ apparently. So we didn’t push her because we know if she’s not eating then something is up.
Sure enough just before midnight as I was almost asleep I heard a weird moan from her room. Chris and I got up to go check on her and as I opened the door and turned on the light there she is my poor girl sitting in a pool of vomit!! Chris picked her up and took her straight to the bathroom to clean her up and lucky me got to strip the bed…hmmm…who really got the better deal here?? Neither of us are good with vomit as it makes us want to throw up too but I am just a tad better with it than Chris. So I stripped the bed and got the sheets straight in the washing machine. Now when I was younger and stupider i would have left them til the morning to wash them but time has taught me that is a really BAD IDEA!!! Thankfully so far she has just thrown up the once and we got her cleaned up quick but however she’s sleeping on her Dora couch in her room as she went right through to the mattress, so that is outside in the night air waiting to be hosed down tomorrow.
So once we got Bec settled and back down I decided I was going to have to stay up and wait for the washing to finish so I could get it on the line as I really didn’t want it sitting around wet all night. Chris decided he’d ‘lay down’ and wait for the washing and I’m sure you can guess what happened….yep he fell asleep. So now he’s asleep, Bec and Luke are asleep and it’s just me up. I’ve just put the last of the washing on the line and now I’m going to try and get some sleep….boy am I glad I live in a town where it’s safe enough to peg the washing out at 1:30am on a Friday night.
 Bec finally asleep…Gastro season has begun…

Washing out late tonight or quite early this morning depending on how you look at it….
So goodnight my friends or good morning where ever you may be, I’m off to catch a few zzzz’s before the next round of vomiting, though I’m really hoping there won’t be any…take care, sleep well and I’ll catch you all soon…xo