For years when I’ve bought new towels I’ve been told by the sales assistant not to add Fabric Softener to the wash as it makes the towels go stiff and hard and therefore feels like sand paper on your skin. Well I don’t know where they get their information from but I have to say I totally disagree with their theory.

I have always added fabric softener to my washing as I love the way it leaves the towels, sheets and clothes with that fresh smell, especially when I have no choice but to use the dryer in winter. And in summer when the washing has been out on the line for a few hours it has that added freshness to it from drying in the sun and the fresh air. My towels especially have always felt soft and fresh after washing and it makes me long for a shower so I can use them, I actually forgot to put the fabric softener in last week and the towels were so stiff and rough I couldn’t believe it.

I guess it’s one of those things that’s a personal choice but for me I will continue to add fabric softener to all my laundry, especially towels and linen, there’s nothing nicer at the end of the day than having a shower with a fresh washed soft towel, then climbing in to bed with fresh linen that’s been on the line in the fresh air, ahh how I love that smell.

My whites getting whiter on a beautiful sunny day and such a lovely fresh smell when I put them on the bed last night…..Definitely a fabric softener house here…
Fresh, clean, fluffy white towels….got to love them..

With my wonderful husband’s help I freshened up our bedroom a little this weekend too. It never ceases to amaze me how a small change can make such a big impact. When we moved in here there were curtains already hanging that the owner had put up and I have to say they are a right royal pain in the butt. I was informed we were allowed to take her curtains down, pack them away and hang our own curtains if we wanted to. Well after six months I finally had enough and got Chris to help me hang our curtains Sunday morning and now the room feels fresher than ever.

Our room with the curtains that were already here…

Our room today with my lovely green cutains hanging…there’s something about green and white that’s fresh….the best pic I could get witht the light today…

So how about you, do you use fabric softener or go without? What’s the one thing you use that makes your house fresh that you couldn’t live without?