Bonjour mon amis, I hope you’re all having a good Monday morning so far….it’s a little on the chilly side here and I’m so longing for the warm weather.
Today I wanted to share with you a wonderful little cream I found, I’m sure most of you have heard of it but until I saw a report on Today Tonight, I had not heard of all the new BB creams. It’s unusual for me not to have heard of a new product as I am a Beautician by trade and try to keep up with new products. At the time I saw the report they covered a lot of different brands but in the end it was found by the women asked that the Garnier BB Cream was the best.
I like to try things for myself and not just take someone elses opinion as gospel. I didn’t think too much else of the report until I was in Priceline a few weeks ago and saw that BB cream was on special. I decided to have a look and a feel and see what it was like. Now this was probably not the best time to investigate as we had the girls with us and they were getting restless and bugging us about how long we were going to be. (Chris was looking at something else.) So I had a quick try and thought the coverage was good and even though I have quite olive skin I decided the ‘light’ coloured cream was the right choice. However I didn’t buy it at the time because I couldn’t concentrate on wether I really liked it or not with the girls nagging to go elsewhere.
Again I didn’t give it too much thought until I saw it on special in Woolworths last week. As the girls were bugging Chris I had a chance to read the box and get the information off it I didn’t get in Priceline and this time I bought it. I have noticed in the last few weeks due to being pregnant I have been getting red in the face and major dark circles under my eyes which I never usually get even when I’m not pregnant. Luckily for me it was on special again so home it came.

Love this cream…yey for Garnier….
The amazing thing is this cream really does do all it claims to do on the box…I’ve tried tinted moisturisers many times but find too many of them are too oily, a feeling I don’t like on my skin. However the BB Cream is so light I forget I’m even wearing it and it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh, what more could we girls ask for?? As I said earlier I’ve been getting quite dark circles under my eyes which I don’t usually get but I have really noticed how well this cream conceals them, so now I don’t look so washed out and blah when I leave the house. I have also found that it spreads a long way so you don’t need to use too much and while I’ve been using it every day it’s not clogging my pores and leaving my skin feeling yuck.
So we’ve established the fact I’m converted to BB Cream and I’m happy to only be using this for the time being and maybe longer but how many of you have given it a try?? I would love to know if you have and I’d love to know what you think of it…
A must have in every womans makeup bag, draw or cupboard….
Well I must be off as there are children to wake up and get ready for school, so I hope you all have a great day and I’ll be back soon with some more things for YuppyBubby and an update later today on The Baby Journey… until then Au revoir for now and take care…xo