Bonjour mon amis and how are you all today?? I’m hoping everyone is well and loving the fact it’s Friday and looking forward to the weekend as much as I am.
I have been really busy this week getting bibs, hats and other stock together for the opening of Yuppy Bubby on etsy and am pleased to announce we officially opened last night!!! yey…!! I would like to thank everyone for their input as to what to call the store and special thanks to Lauren from ladaisi who informed me I could use both names because etsy allows for a tag line….so here we have Yuppy Bubby – Bits & Bobs For Bub. Now the only thing is and I’m not sure why but Yuppy Bubby is one word on etsy, for some reason it wouldn’t allow a space so you’ll find it as YuppyBubby but other than that all systems are ago. I listed just a couple of things last night so I could have the shop up and running and plan on having more listed soon. I’ve already had two sales in the last two days and hope things keep going the way they are.

 Country boy bib and hat set….first sale…
Transport bib and hat set….second sale…
These are the two sets that sold in the last couple of days and I enjoyed putting them together so much. I can’t wait to see what everyone’s bubs look like in their matching sets, even my bub, he has a country boy set waiting for him and I’m busting to be able to put it on him but we have a few more months to go
Strawberry Delight bib…I love this fabric..
Flower Power bib…I couldn’t resist this gorgeous pattern..
These are the two bibs I listed on etsy last night and they’ve already had 10 views…there will be lots more coming it just takes time getting it all together being as it’s just me cutting all patterns out and then sewing them up as well as running the house and having kids under foot but I am getting there. I have a pile of bibs to put together today and then some hats to cut out…
Today’s bibs waiting to be put together….
I never thought I’d like sewing so much in my life as I’ve always found certain items difficult and tricky to make but I wake up every morning and I look forward to deciding which fabric to use for hats and bibs, which fabric will be used for burping napkins and even how much time I can realistically allow myself in a day to spend on the sewing machine.
I will share prices here on products but everything will be listed on etsy as well…individual bibs are
$2 each or a pack of five for $5.95, bib and hat sets are $9.95 each, individual hats are $5.95 each, Burping Napkins are $6.95 each or two for $12, bassinet sheet sets will be $9.95 each and change mats will be $12.95 each, postage and handling is a flat rate of $5.95. I’m really trying to keep things as reasonably priced as possible and have really worked out prices by what I would be prepared to pay in the shop and trust me girls, if you know me, I am a bargain hunter and won’t pay exuberant amounts for necessitites of having a baby.
Last night I also sat down to design some cards with the help of vista print (got to love that company) and came up with the design that’s at the top of this post….LOOK UP…Does this card not say Yuppy Bubby..?? Everyone who purchases from YuppyBubby will receive a card with their parcel….xo
Well mon ami’s I must go as I have children to get to school, washing to get on, floors to vacuum and sewing to do, so it’s another busy day here at Home, Love & Life and I look forward to checking in with you all again very soon……and please let me know what you think of the pricing, also as I have more products put together I will share them with you here as I list them….take care and have a great day…
Michelle xo