Bonjour lovely friends and how are you all today? It’s lovely and sunny here in little old Busselton today and slightly on the cool side.

I would like to say thanks to everyone for all your support with the etsy shop idea…I appreciate everyone’s feed back and am so glad you all liked the bibs I have made so far.

Now I have a favour to ask….I’m stuck between two names for the etsy shop….either Yuppy Bubby or Bits And Bobs For Bub…..what do you think?? Yuppy Bubby came up as a complete accident as the Paris bib I made just looked so fancy I said to Chris, ‘it’s for the yuppy bubby hehe.’ However it seems to be popular already and I’m wondering if it’s the way to go….I don’t want people getting the wrong idea with the name and thinking that because it’s called yuppy bubby that products will be over priced…. I thought of Bits And Bobs For Bub as I love the saying bits and bobs and being that I’m making a variety of items I thought it would say variety…..

Bits and Bobs for Bub…..Or
Yuppy Bubby….
So what would entice you to click on the name to look in the ‘shop’ Yuppy Bubby or Bits And Bobs For Bub..?? I’m looking forward to all your opinions so don’t be afraid to leave a comment and tell me what you think…..take care and Au revoir for now…xo