Bonjour all my lovely friends and how are you all doing today? Today is a milestone for me as this is my 100th Post…!! I knew it was coming and I hoped to have something exciting to blog about for you all but not a lot has been happening around here lately so it’s just the usual post you all know….

We are on school holidays at the moment and while it’s quiet with the girls in Perth, I do miss them and the way Bec has of cracking me up….They will be home before I know it though so I am making sure I get things done and making the most of the quiet before it’s noise central around here again…I have some great craft projects for them to do when they get home that they picked out in Spotlight last week but we didn’t get time to do it before they left…so at least they’ll have something to look forward to when they get home….

Down the beach on was a beautiful day..

Today has been interesting in itself in some ways….it started with me getting up early and stripping the girls beds, putting fresh linen on and re-arranging their rooms a little….then a little later I thought I’d go check on the chickies as they were roaming free…as I looked out the door though I could only see three girls, which is unusal because they always stay together…any way I managed to round up the three I could find and put them back in their house upon which I discovered they had laid their first eggs this morning…5 in total….I couldn’t be prouder of them.. (I have to wonder if they heard Chris’ threat to behead them if they didn’t start laying soon..hmm) and went looking for Miss Tallulah (Bec’s chook)…..I bocked and squawked and did my best chook impersonation I could all around the yard and still she was nowhere and my squawking like them usually gets their attention…..I then had a ridiculous thought…’what if she’s got through the back fence and into the neighbours yard??’ Well I called out three times to the workmen who were there and they didn’t hear me…I actually think they just couldn’t be bothered because I called out quite loud and there was no equipment going….then a younger guy comes out and I called out to him and said…’can I ask you a stupid question?’….’sure,’ he says…..’you haven’t seen a stray chook in the yard have you?’……Now I don’t think I’ve ever asked anyone such a ridiculous question in my life but he answered me with…’yeah she’s just here in this little shed.’ The cheeky little madam had left our yard in search of greener pastures and a better house it seemed…he handed her back to me and I carried her round to the pen and put her in with her girls and pretty much as soon as her feet hit the floor she laid an egg..!!!…so with Miss Tallulah’s egg laid that now makes 6 eggs for their first lay…pretty good work my chickies…

6 eggs from four girls…not too bad…they’re on the small side
but will get bigger soon…

The girls raoming the yard the other week…no more til the new
fence is up now…

Between chasing dogs to get them back in the yard and now hunting around for stray chickens I am now more convinced than ever that I am living on the funny farm not a funny farm more so than running a household… even my animals can’t be ‘normal’…..

Today I also shuffled things around (again) in the kitchen as I’m tired of cleaning grease and grime off my coffee machine and canisters due to them being too close to the stove….so they all got moved to a new home….and the breadmaker and kettle got the coffee machines old home….

The bread maker and kettle on the bench where there is much
more room for them..

My fave appliance in it’s new spot not to be covered in grease
and grime any longer…

In some ways I don’t feel like I’ve done a lot today at’s been more odd jobs than big jobs but I guess as long as the work gets done it doesn’t matter if it’s a mountain of work or just a pile of washing…it’s done and it’s something I don’t have to do tomorrow…..

On a side note bub has been kicking like crazy this last week and I swear by the time you see the next top view pic my feet will be gone……some of you might remember a few weeks back I said I had found a lovely maternity dress…well I finally picked it up yesterday and will show you all soon…I also ordered another dress online last night…again once it’s here I’ll show you…..and if you’re like me and pregnant and having a hard time finding maternity clothes visit…… they have some amazing clothes at very reasonable prices… 🙂

Well that’s it from me today, Chris will be home soon and I need to get some dinner sorted so I’ll talk to you all again soon…take care, havea great week and Au revoir for now…..xo