Well have you ever had a favourite pair of pants, a dress, skirt or top that you love and have lived in and then it has fallen apart from so much wear?? I’m sure you all have and that’s exactly what’s happened to me tonight…..a pair of jeans I love to bits (and actually happen to be my most comfy jeans) died on me tonight….I bought them last winter from Rockmans and they fit like a dream and with the help of the Belly Belt they have still been serving me faithfully…..until tonight that is….I washed them last night, popped them on this morning while getting dressed yet it wasn’t until I was getting changed tonight I noticed a small whole right next to the back pocket..!!….an unfixable whole unfortunately and on further exploration I noticed the same thing is happening on the other side next to the other pocket…..How could this be happening to me??…..So far I’ve managed pretty well in only buying a few maternity tops, two bras and one dress for summer but all my pants (all three pair) have been lasting thanks to help from the belly belt….without that I would have had to buy pants ages ago as I’m exploding at a ridiculous rate….

20 weeks and the belly is exploding….

My fave pair of Jeans…worn out already…

Back pockets worn out….
Love this detail on the front pocket….
The detail on the back pockets is one of the reasons I bought these jeans…
I have to admit I probably haven’t loved a pair of jeans like these ones before…I bought them mostly for the detail that’s on them plus I was also lucky enough to get a pair when they had been marked down from $70 to $30…!!!….I was quite happy that day…..Well I guess now I’m really going to have to start looking for maternity clothes as my clothes are dwindling down to nothing….thankfully t-shirts stretch with you while pregnant so they haven’t been much of a problem but skirts, dresses and pants…well now that’s going to be a shopping mission…
On the upside this week our little man has decided he’ll let me drink coffee again…yey!! If you know me you know I love my real coffee and my coffee machine but from just a few weeks in bub decided he didn’t like it at all….however I really felt like a coffee the other day and thought I’d try one and see if it would agree with me or not and thankfully bub let it go with no after effects…..personally I think he’s taking after me and enjoyed the caffeine hit…lol…..however I’m not going crazy on the coffee just one cup a day will do me nicely….

Ah sweet coffee how I missed you….
Well that’s it from me tonight, I have just had a brain storm and need to investigate something…more on that soon…..I hope everyone’s had a good day and a good start to the week…this is the last week of term for us then two wonderful weeks of school holidays…..take care Au revoir for now….xo