Bonjour mon amis….ok so I’m not back as quick as I said I would be but I’m back quicker than I have been lately so it’s good to see you all and I must thank you all for still reading the blog even though I haven’t been here much of late.

So last week I said I had some home decor going on and I sure did….some of you may remember I revamped Chris’ bedside table back in April and had every intention of doing mine not long after but as things would have it not long after I did Chris’ we moved house. This is the first chance I’ve had since moving to revamp my bedside, so last Wednesday while I had the house to myself I got to work on it…being pregnant definitely made it a little more challenging but I got it done….

In its place in our room on my side of  the bed..

Before the work began….

First coat down….
The almost finished product back where it belongs….
It’s taken a little getting used to seeing my Pop’s cupboard whitewashed but I’m so happy with it and there’s just one more addition to it I have to make tomorrow but I will show you that soon…
This week I’ve also been doing my own mani’s and pedi’s as they can get quite expensive after a while and being that I’m a qualified nail tech I thought I’d start doing my own nails a little more often and treating myself. I have to admit doing my toes was a little difficult with the belly now getting in the way so I think the next pediure will be done at the salon…
I’m really happy with this job considering the belly was in the way…lol..

 I love using nail art as it dresses hands and toes up a tad more…
I love this red it remind me of 50’s hollywood stars….
I’m really enjoying doing nails a lot at the moment and would love some models as I’m wanting to put together a portfolio to attract more clients, so if you live in Busselton and would love a mani at a very reasonable price leave me a comment or email and I’ll get back to you……And yes I know I said models and then said reasonable price but I have to still cover cost of nail art etc so models will get an absolute best price….
Now the other news I have to tell you is that as some of you know we had our 19 week ultrasound yesterday and I’m very happy to report bub is doing very well, apart from not wanting to be measured….once again he was making things difficult but we got what we needed in the end and the technician also tells us we have a little fatty!!! I feel another 9lb baby coming on but I’m not surprised with the way I’m popping…..bub also made it difficult to see if we had a boy or a girl and as it turns out we have a……BOY!!……Chris was stunned and speechless for a while that bub was actually a boy….I think he really thought he was destined to have girls only…..but I knew it was a boy and I told him the minute the test came back positive I knew it would be a boy, so there was a lot of ‘i told you so…’ from me yesterday….lol…..really either way we would have been happy but I’m glad it’s a boy and Chris has a son to carry on the family name……

Bub with his hand in his mouth….

So after we found out we had a boy we went pretty much straight to Best and Less and grabbed his coming home outfit which I spotted last week but decided to wait til after the ultrasound to get it, though I should have just got it as I knew we’d have a boy…..Chris loved it and I’m glad he was there to have a look at it and we actually got one a little different to what I was originally going to get but not much….
Bub will be coming home in this gorgeous outfit that daddy helped pick…
So there you have it, that has been our week…..I’m looking forward to getting more decor done, hopefully finding some models for nails and picking up bubs layby and having things set up by the end of december just in case he takes after Chris and decides to make an early appearance….well I hope you’ve all had a great start to the week and are enjoying the sunshine….take care and I’ll be back soon…Au revoir…xo