Bonjour mon amis and how are we all doing today?? Yes I know I have been absent again for quite some time and seriously it’s bugging the life out of me… many distractions lately that by the time I get motivated to blog I’m just too pooped… bear with me while I get back on track and into a regualr rythm again…thanks…xoxox

Well lets get on with it shall we….today I really just wanted to share with you all some great bargains I’ve managed to find over the last week. Like you I’ve been seeing all the adds on t.v and kmart saying they’ve slashed their prices but until I visited the store last week I didn’t realise just how much they’ve cut their prices, so needless to say I walked away very happy with a trolley full of bargains. The only downside to visiting was they have next to nothing in maternity wear…one stand was all they had…I’m really beginning to wonder where all the pregnant women down here go for maternity clothes…?? I also managed a few good finds at Thingz Living and Best and Less during the last week as well.

Now I don’t know about you but I love cushions on my couch and I haven’t had any for ages except for my bird one….

Still loving this though it has a new spot in the house now….
And while it’s plush and comfy it just looked not quite right being all on it’s own on a 2 seater couch….So while I was in kmart last week I took a stroll over to haberdashery and saw some lovely cushions and then these caught my eye….
As you can see we have giant spots one side and stripes on the other…
Ok girls now how much would you expect to pay for these…$15, $10…?? Well I was prepared to pay ten because I just loved them and then when I looked at the price tag what do you know..they were only $2 each!!! yep you heard me…$2 each!!!……… naturally I grabbed four so I had two for each couch….in fact I couldn’t believe it at first as I never find these sorts of bargains but once it sank in I was doing my own little happy dance in kmart…..there were heaps there and I would have liked to get more for friends and family but we don’t all have the same taste so I only took what I needed and left the rest for some other chicky to come across…..Now I was also looking for some new bowls as the ones that came with my dinner set are too narrow at the bottom and an absolute pain in the butt to stack in the dish drainer after washing… I headed over to crockery and came across these guys….
Love the blue….
The wood tray was also a great find at kmart for $10….maybe brekkie in bed on this after I have bub…lol
These are a great size bowl….
While in kitchenware I was after a new toaster and a thermos for those long weekend drives we love taking…we have a thermos a friend left us with but if it falls over it leaks so time for a more reliable one….
As I love red I couldn’t go past this toaster for $20 and the thermos was only $5!!
I also managed to pick up a great desk for only $39 a 6 piece casserole and ramekin set for $12 and a few other bits and pieces at ridiculously low prices…lets just say I’ll be back at kmart soon to see what other bargains I can find.
Happy with my purchases I headed home to start sprucing up the house with a cushion here and a bowl there and finding a spot for the toaster….I love finding places for new items when I get them home…I just need to remember that in this house it’s still bit of a mission to do so.
So a bit later in the week I ducked into Best and Less to look for table cloths and what do you know I found some marked down to $5 each…..check out the pic above of the dining table as that’s one and the other one is the same but with white, neutral, red and blue stripes….love them…..I also happened to visit Thingz Living (I sound like I do nothing but shop but trust me I’ve thrown my back out today thoroughly cleaning the house) as I was looking for a floor vase to fill a corner as I can’t stand bare corners in a house….it really is a pet peeve I have…..anyhoo…I was walking through and there it was, white, rippled, square and just the right size and only $30….now of course I had to find something to put in it so I found some cool twiggy branches…..take a look….
I know my mum will try and pinch this…lol
This fills my dining room corner beautifully but even Chris agrees with me that it just needs a little something extra and when I figure out exactly what that is it’ll be added…. 
Now I think the best thing I managed to put together this week was my work station area for the computer as I have been balancing it on my lap for the last three and a half months while using it and resting it on the girls Dora sofa when I’m done with it…..needless to say I’ve been paranoid it’ll get broken but just coudn’t find a desk, until I went to kmart last week and it’s exactly what I wanted as we have limited space here and it couldn’t be anything too big…

 I’m so happy with my little corner of the lounge room…it’s just what I needed…..
I just had to get this sign…even though my house is anything
but peaceful I loved it and I can dream it is….also love the ball
candle holders….all from Thingz Living…
As you can see my bird cushion has a new home on this fab chair picked up from Thingz Living….
So as you can see I’ve had a productive week of setting up this little old house a bit more and keeping local businesses in business…lol….So how about you guys have you found any good bargains of late….are you a bargain hunter like me….do you haggle?? I haggle all the time and Chris always dies of embarassment but as I tell him if you don’t ask you don’t get…..most of the time the stores will haggle and come down in price so I’ll keep doing it…..
I know some of you may be asking where is the French chocolate cake but I honestly just haven’t had the time as it’s quite involved but as soon as I get round to it I’ll let you know…however I did manage to whip up a Lemon Meringue Pie last week and am doing another one this week as we have visitors for dinner Friday night……
I do so love Lemon Meringue….
Well I’m off for now as it has taken me literally all day to do this post as I keep getting interupted and now I need to organise some dinner and get some kidlets off to bed early as I could do with the peace and quiet….So take care, keep bargain hunting and sprucing up your house and if you have any ideas to share or know of great places for bargains let me know….Au revoir for now…..xoxox