Ok so I know I promised I’d report back Saturday and have some pics for you of the french feast but we have a problem…..Thanks to the stupidest oven in history that doesn’t heat properly and the crappy potatoes this country now produces our dinner didn’t turn out exactly as planned……I cooked the chicken to the exact directions Julia gave but after two hours it was still pink in the middle and because I got such a late start on it there was no more time to let it cook…….the potatoes stayed rock hard and didn’t cook through at all…I probably should have cut them in half……on the one up side the buttered green beans and peas were absolutely beautiful and only needed a little more seasoning……so all in all we ended up with a plate of beans and peas for dinner….thank goodness Chris had given the girls noodles about an hour before dinner and they were happier with the noodles, not that I blame them. We finally got the girls to bed about 8pm then Luke, Chris and I ordered pizza as we (especially me and bub) were still starving. With the oven deflating me and letting me down so badly I was no where in the mood or game enough to attempt the Chocolate Cake I told you about but now that a few days have passed by and I’ve calmed down I’ll be attempting the cake tomorrow. (fingers crossed lol) I’m making our simple French meal tonight instead of Friday as I have an appointment that will finish late today so Croque Monsieur (toasted ham and cheese sandwiches) will be quick and easy to get done. I’ve gone for something simple because I just won’t have the time and the disaster that happened Friday night kind of killed my mood but it’s coming back. I’m sure Julia Child had a few disasters before getting things right so I’m not giving up just gathering myself together for the next attempt.

So after the disaster Friday night we decided we’d take the girls for a run down to the Chocolate Factory and the Olive Oil Company Saturday and get out of the house for a while as  really didn’t want to look at the kitchen much at all…..hehe…good thing I can chuckle about it now.

Bec and Eva loved watching chocolates being made….
It was a great day out and the girls were very impressed with the giant freckles they came home with. They also loved trying the different soaps at the Olive Oil Company and Eva loved the different olive oils.
Last Thursday I spent the day trying to re-organise my very small kitchen so I would have more bench space to work with….I didn’t do too bad really but will have to take some more pics for you all.
My favourite bench space…love my coffee machine to bits…
Sunday made me 14 weeks along with the pregnancy and I have noticed a fair bit over the last couple of weeks how much I’ve popped already….the last time I popped this soon was with Luke and he was 9lb 6oz……I’m hoping this baby is all fluid and nowhere near as big as his/her big brother….
12 weeks along…just two weeks ago…
14 weeks this Sunday gone…popping big time…
I can’t believe how much I’ve popped already and clothes are becoming a joke….there is virtually nowhere in Busselton to go for maternity clothes with the exception of our lovely lingerie shop L’Amour Cherie…..they don’t have a big selection of clothes but what they do have is lovely and they have managed to order me a lovely dress which will be in soon. I promise I will share it with you when I get it.
Well that’s it for now Home, Love and Life friends, I’m off to have some lunch bub is getting hungry…Here’s hoping my attempt at the chocolate cake tomorrow is a success and if so I promise I’ll be back to share it with you…..Au revoir et Bonne Appetite….xox