Bonsoir….I hope everyone has had a good day today and got lots done or found some bargains or if you’re sick then I’m hoping you got lots of rest and were able to rest up……I’m still unwell but slowly on the mend thank goodness.

Today I had some followers who came to Target with me…namely Luke and Bec….normally Bec would be at Bumble Bee and Luke would be at intework but both decided they wanted to skip their social scene and see what I get up to on a Wednesday when I would normally be home alone. They both thought the idea of going to Target was a great one, in fact Luke asked me if I go every Wednesday when he’s not home…to which I told him no….Bec thought it was just great that she was going to Bunbury and could sing to the cd player the whole way up…….40 minutes to be exact!!

We arrived at Target just after 10:30am, a little later than I’d planned but that was simply because we’d all slept in until 8:30am….I have to admit I had a very well behave 3 and a half year old today and a very helpful 18 year old as well…….having Luke with me sure did come in handy getting all those big boxes in the trolleys. We were shopping for bub and although I’ve got 8months to go Target just had some really good specials I couldn’t pass up and it’s most of the big stuff that bub will need…..

First of all we were after a bed for bub and we got this..(I actually saw all this on the weekend with Chris but just went back for it today)

I had a bassinet like this for Lauren 17yrs ago….argh when I say it like that I feel old…lol..
Secondly we were after a change table/bath all in one….save on space, convenient and the height is brilliant for saving my back….
I love this change table it has so many compartments and storage space….
Thirdly we were after good transportation for bub….I’m really fussy with prams and it had to have reversable handles….Chris and I checked a few out Saturday and in the end we decided this one was the best for us….
I love the deep basket at the back, the height of the handle is perfect for me as I’m short and the hood has a zipper you can undo to make it come down further for protection from sun and rain….
And lastly for today’s shopping trip I was looking for a change bag that would hold all those nappies, wipes, bottles (later on), changes of clothes, my purse……and my sanity……..
This bag has so many compartments it’s not funny, the pouch for the bottle is insulated, the change mat is built in and I won’t need a separate hand bag for at least two years……I got this in a nice dark red though as the navy was too drab for me….even a boy has to have some colour…..
So that was my shopping trip and I have to say that although there are still the same basic products out there that I bought 17yrs ago when I had Lauren they have all improved so much and are just much more practical and easier to use…..I really enjoyed investigating all these things and how they work differently from when I had my kids….the main difference was how much the prams have changed…..they’re so much easier to work out now….got to love progress…..It turned out to be a productive day and we had some lunch while in Bunbury and although I thought my helpers might be more hindrance than help it really was great to have them along and share this part of shopping for their baby brother/sister with them….(I’m convinced already it’s a boy hehe)
We came home and Bec went down for her usual nap, Luke went and fed the chickies, I let Lady out for a run and then Luke just helped me get a few things done around the house…..Chris was home before we knew it and we all went for a walk up to the beach then home……
The late afternoon sun over the ocean today….
Chris with Lady….
My boy even enjoyed his afternoon walk…
Bec being a dag in the pram…
So all in all we had a good day and finally managed to start and get our afternoon walk in….though it has been a bit hard to get them going when we’ve all been sick….that’s why Bec’s all wrapped up in my scarf….the wind here is very cold in the afternoon and as lovely as our walk was it was good to get back to the warmth of the house……Now it’s just time to relax and veg out, Bec’s asleep, Luke’s in his room and Chris is reading the paper…….me I’m just trying to stay warm and thinking of seeing what movies are showing on foxtel…….Take care everyone and have a good night, I hope you all are keeping warm and cosey and have a great day tomorrow……I’ll be back tomorrow and hopefully my day is as smooth as it was today…xo