Bonjour mon amis and how are you all doing on this cold, wild, windy day?? Well I can’t believe it’s been a week since my last post, where did that time go I’d like to know. So what have you all been up to?? I hope you’re all keeping well and the flu is leaving you alone, unlike here where it just seems to keep lingering on with all of us…

Today I’d like to start this post by sharing some very good news with you all… most of you know Chris and I have been trying to have a baby over the last twelve months and finally we have success….

A definite positive….
We have known for about three weeks now but have only just told family and friends as we wanted to wait until I was a little further along before letting everyone know….I’m about six weeks along now and have my first doctors appointment today which I’m sure will just be as routine as it was with the other three….I should say Chris and I are over the moon about this little one and are already thinking of names and looking for furniture and deciding how to set up the nursery..hehe….Chris keeps saying we’re getting ahead of ourselves but I like to have things organized and sorted out well in advance…..I guess I can take my time though as I do still have eight months to go…lol…..oh and I’m due the 10th February 2013 which is three days before our wedding anniversary….timing or what…..hehe….So that’s my good news for the day…..
It was a quiet weekend here as Bec went to Perth on Friday instead of Saturday as she went on the coach with her Nan and enjoyed every minute of it…..why is it when your kids leave home even a day sooner than planned it seems even more quiet…?
My little traveller….
So with Bec gone a day early and Chris finishing work at lunch on Friday it felt like a very fast day….Once Chris was home we went to town and did some shopping where I just happened to pick up these gorgeous coffee cups from house….
I don’t usually go for polka dots but really liked these….
After instagramming them one of my lovely followers said ‘ooo I love the sprinkles range’ and I’m thinking ‘huh’ and sure enough when I took the stickers off the bottom of the cup there was the word Sprinkle…..she’s obvioulsy a House shopper, so welcome to my world as I love House….and they love me too hehehe…I was also lucky enough to get my new Samsung Note Tab/Phone Friday and I’m so in love with it……If anyone else has one what do you think of it??
Not the best pic but a great combination of phone and tab….
And as the weekend went on I continued getting sicker and sicker with this darn flu that Chris and the kids have passed on to me……there’s been no fever but the chills, and I have just been coughing and coughing and coughing….even in my sleep….so much so it’s wearing me out more than being pregnant……It seems to be easing up the last couple of days and I’m hoping it won’t hang around for too much longer….I have things to do……..
So that was my weekend really….and this week seems to be flying by very quickly…..tomorrow I’m off to Target to layby a few bargains we found for the baby……so have a good day everyone and I’ll be back tomorrow….take care…xo
And if you’d like to read about The Baby Journey….. you can do so here….xo