Bonjour Home, Love and Life friends and how is your weekend going so far? Sorry for the absence the last few days but there has been a lot going on here that’s needed my attention.As most of you know Chris’ mum was here last weekend and went home Monday, then I’ve been getting ready for James (my oldest) to come down for his visit Thursday afternoon for a week and we have Eva this weekend as well and to top it all off one of my closest friends from Perth is coming next week…I’m really looking forward to Lyn coming as it’s been so long since we had a proper catch up. But before James, Eva and Lyn got here I got a surprise visit from another close friend Thursday morning on her way to Yallingup….Yes it was Peta…and who did she happen to have with her….her beautiful baby boy Nicholas….Some of you will remember my post dedicated to Peta back when she gave birth….For A Special Friend.. It was so good to see her and although I knew she was on her way down I wasn’t expecting her to visit as she didn’t think she’d have time but she hit Busselton, gave me a quick call to let me know she was here and headed over. As soon as she had bubby out of the car he was in my arms and there he stayed until they left…I changed his wet nappy, gave him a bottle and had long hugs with him….and I completely forgot how small babies can be…..
So after Peta left I went on with the rest of my day giving Bec lunch, getting some washing done and trying not to fall asleep on the couch….it had been raining all day here Thursday and was just the sort of weather to put anyone to sleep…
We picked James up from the bus depot just before 4pm Thursday afternoon then headed home…..within a couple of hours of being back in Busselton I could tell James had something on his mind. So we had a talk about things and he has decided he wants to move back to Busselton as city life just isn’t for him…he’s a very sensitive guy and always has been ever since a child and country life just suits  him better…So he’ll be heading back to Perth Wednesday to pack up his stuff and sort a few things out then in a couple of weeks he’ll be moving back in with us….but only until he finds a job and a place of his own…..
As per usual this week was our road trip morning to pick Eva up for her weekend in busselton and on the way to get her the sun was so bright the clouds were orange in colour and they looked like they were on fire. Bec was just as amazed as I was by the loveliness of the sun…have a look for yourself…taken with my  phone but not too bad if I do say so myself…
Another beautiful sunrise…
Now to keep me on my  toes my week will not be finishing on a quiet note with nothing to do….while I have the usual weekly errands to run, hairdressers Monday to go back to blonde and a few appointments to make we also have another guest coming for the weekend next week…Lyn is finally coming down as she has the weekend free and she’ll get to see the new house….so far everyone who’s seen the house loves it and what’s not to love honestly….I know Lyn will love the way the French/Beach/Coastal theme is going as we like the same sorts of things and have the same taste in just about anything furniture wise……I’m hoping we’ll have good enough weather so I can take her to Margaret River for the day and do some cheese tasting and maybe a stop at Simmo’s in Dunsborough…..yes you know the one…the one with the Best ice cream in the world….I caught up with Lyn a couple of months ago but it was just for lunch and we really didn’t have enough time to have a really good talk being we were out in public and we had the girls with us but we still had a good day…however it’ll be great having her here for the whole weekend….lots of girltalk to catch up on….
So as you can see it’s been a week of surprises and I’m wondering if there’s any  more to come….as long as they’re nice surprises that is……And if experience has taught me anything it’s that when you have lots going on and people coming and going the time seems to pass even quicker….I do love having visitors though and I love cooking for people so it’s going to be either a stick date pudding or a lemon meringue pie for desert while Lyn’s here….I’ll have to decide as the week goes on…which one would you like??
Lemon Meringue Pie…..or
Sticky Date Pudding….