Hi there and how was everyone’s Friday? Mine was good though for me today has felt like Saturday as Chris had the day off work, so I’ve been feeling a day ahead of myself all day. We got lots but nothing done today if that makes sense…..first of all we actually got to sleep in until 7am..yey..(we never get to sleep in) then it was a case of get up have breakfast, tidy up, pull out the slow cooker and get the lamb casserole going for dinner tonight, go to town to get a few things and then before we knew it it was time to head to town to pick up Chris’ mum who’s come to stay for the weekend. The morning flew by and now the evening feels like it’s dragging on and it feels much later than what it is, which is only 8:40pm…..
Today is my first day doing the Photo A Day June challenge and I have to say I was pretty happy this mornings shot of morning…..
So what do you think of my shot of this morning? I actually saw the sun coming up as I was opening the lounge room curtains, grabbed my phone, ran out the front door in my dressing gown (it was only just after seven hehe) and snapped the sun shining bright…..I was quite happy with it and think it’s one of the best pics I’ve taken lately…..
I think the Photo A Day challenge is such a great idea as it gives everyone with all skill levels of taking photos the chance to share their pictures….and while I’ve been using instagram for a few months now this is the first month I’ve done the challenge and I’m already looking forward to taking tomorrows picture. If you’d like to know more about the challenge pop on over to Chantelles blog at FatMumSlim and read all about it and make sure you grab a copy of June’s list…..don’t worry if you  missed today’s pic just start tomorrow and enjoy the fun.
Now, our weekend looks as if it’s going to be a little busier than I originally thought it would be at the start of the week. Like I said earlier Chris’ mum Cathy is here visiting for the long weekend and we have John from the RSPCA coming out tomorrow to install the electric fence for the dogs and taking Chris’ mum into town so she can take Bec shopping and then Sunday we have the meeting in the morning and then Chris’ brother and his family coming up for afternoon tea Sunday afternoon. Monday morning Cathy heads home on the bus and I actually don’t know what we’ll be doing Monday afternoon…..I think we may make a start on organizing the chook pen….the chicks are two weeks old today and getting so big and lots of feathers now..It amazes me how much they’ve changed it just two short weeks, even their colouring is changing the bigger they get…I love watching the changes…
Well that’s my news for today and TGIF I say….I love the end of week and love knowing that when I wake up tomorrow it’ll be the weekend….plenty of time to do whatever takes our fancy….Oh and I know I promised to share those pizzas from last night with you so I’ve put the pics up and if you’d like the recipes (we made them from scratch….I prefer to make everything from scratch) then leave me a comment and I’ll happily give you the recipe….it will on the recipe page when I have some time over the weekend….
I have to admit there is nothing nicer than home made pizza as opposed to store bought….wins hands down every time….well Bonsoir and have a good evening and take care…xo