Bonjour Home, Love & Life friends…..well this morning I’m testing out doing a quick post here on wordpress to see how it goes…..for some reason I feel like I’m betraying blogger by moving across but while wordpress is a little tricky in the beginning I’m getting the hang of it now.
So for those of you who already follow me on blogger I would love for you all to follow me here at wordpress as blogger will be getting closed down though not straight away……I have bought all you lovely ladies over with me so I don’t lose your blogs and I’m hoping you don’t want to lose mine too….
Well on with some new… most of you probably remember I was talking about the dogs the other week and all the trouble we’ve been having with them since we moved. I’ve never had this sort of trouble with them before…..killing possums, escaping and running up and down the street barking at night, escaping during the day when no one’s home and generally making a big nuisance of themselves. Everything came to a head Tuesday night when they (mostly Molly) went on and on and were out the front barking at all hours……we’ve tried every sort of discipline you can think of and nothing is working and poor Chris is losing so much sleep because we have to keep getting up in the middle of the night to sort them out…So at my wits end after finding Lady again with another dead possum I thought ‘this is it I’m going to have to rehouse them…this can’t go on’…….I called the RSPCA to speak to someone about surrendering them so they could be rehoused and after talk to John for a bit he could tell I didn’t really want to give the dogs away we just didn’t know what to do with them any more…….So John said he’d come out and talk to me and Chris and see how they could help us and the dogs……..apparently when you move house it’s not the distance that upsets animals but the sounds and smells around them as it’s all new…..
Johns visit was great and he met the dogs and saw that really they are great dogs and that we do love them but just have no idea how to stop Lady killing possums and how to stop all their barking…….John gave us some great ideas, the first being to lock them in the double garage at night so they can’t escape any more and the possums will be safe and secondly the RSPCA are going to look at lending us a special type of electric fence…..Now don’t freak out no one will be zapped or killed…’s a piece of wire that runs the fence line and the dogs wear a special collar and as they get close to the fence line it vibrates….and if they keep going it vibrates stronger and then if they still keep going they get a small static shock……..Now we’ve all had those and we know it’s hurts a little but not enough to cause pain…So John is coming back out on the weekend to help us set up the fence and see how we go with that….Last night was their first night locked in the garage all night and while they (mostly Molly again) did bark and carry on a for a while it wasn’t for long and didn’t go on all night….So we and the neighbours all would have gotten a good nights sleep for the first time in ages……
So all in all it looks like there was a reason I called the RSPCA yesterday morning as rehousing Lady and Molly really was a last resort and not something I really wanted to do… if these small steps of change work and they settle then they obviously will be staying with me, Chris and the kids where they belong…..I really do love my crazy dogs…..
Molly…the noise maker extraordinaire…
Lady….Possum killer and noise maker…
Taken at our old place…We think the reason we didn’t have the same trouble as we’re having now when we first moved to Busselton is because on the other side of town it’s a lot like the environment in Perth and there are virtually no possums over there…..
So there we have it my first post here at wordpress done and the dogs are still with us hopefully for many more years yet……Well I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and I’d love to hear what you think of the format over here… thing you’ll notice is I had to make the banner smaller as it wouldn’t allow the same size banner as what’s on blogger…..take care and enjoy the rest of your day….xo