Bonjour Mon amis and how are you all today?? Well as most of you would have noticed I’ve been off line all weekend and with good reason….My closest friend Lyn came down from Perth for the weekend on Saturday and we had an excellent time catching up, talking all night and going to the meeting together…it’s just a pity that it’s a three hour drive from Perth and the weekend just isn’t enough time to get much done really….However Lyn did bring Chris and I a lovely belated wedding anniversary present….some framed Paris prints which I’m totally in love with and just need to find somewhere to put them….
My Paris prints Lyn gave Chris and I for our anniversary….
As you can see the print on the left is the Eiffel Tower and on the right is The Arc De Triumph…..anyone who knows me knows I absolutely love Paris and will get there one day…..Lyn was over there last February while Chris and I were getting married and she had a ball, it’s also the reason she wasn’t able to make it to the wedding…Any how we had a great weekend and she’s coming back in the summer to spend maybe a week here and we will be spending lots of time at the beach and  lots of driving to markets etc…..and in a few months we’ll be heading to Perth for the weekend and Lyn has invited us to stay with her so I’m looking forward to that…
Lyn and I a few months ago catching up for lunch in Bunbury…..
So yesterday afternoon I said goodbye to my dear friend and wished her a safe trip  home then a little later in the day I started feeling unwell and by the evening I knew I had gastro!!….I really wasn’t happy, I’d had a good weekend and to finish it I was now sick…..I’m still a little off today but feel ok within myself…..I even made a massive pot of pumpkin soup this morning for dinner tonight and am looking forward to that…….also we have a kid free weekend coming up this week so it’ll be nice to just spend some time alone with Chris….
Well that’s all from me for today Home, Love & Life friends….I will be back tomorrow hopefully to show you my finished white paint craft….I finally made a start last week and then ran out of paint…go figure….so off to Bunnings tomorrow for more paint and to get these things done…..take care and Au revoir for now…xokj