Bonjour Home, Love and Life friends and how are we all on this fine chilly morning?? Now I know I’ve been lapse in keeping up with posts but when your unpacking one house and setting up another there really has been little time left to get on the computer. In fact I think this has got to be the most I’ve been off the computer for some time…..but with only a few more boxes to get unpacked today I’ll be back in the swing of things before you know it.

Well we’re still loving the house and I’d have to say there really is only two downsides to it and that is the owners have sealed the chimney off to a big open fireplace and put a gas heater in……now don’t get me wrong I’m glad we’ve got heating but anyone who’s ever had a wood fire knows that a gas heater just doesn’t do the same job as a wood fire does……a wood fire not only warms the whole house but it gives the house a different feel, it’s a lot cosier sitting in front of a nice fire than in front of a gas heater with a loud rattling fan…..and there’s a lot of brown in this house..don’t get me wrong I’m loving the hardwood floors but all the trim and doors are makes it a little overwhelming and what I wouldn’t give to freshen it up with a coat of white paint….but we’re not complaining because besides missing the warmth of a wood fire..and a lot of brown….there’s too much else to love about this house and I’m decorating as I’m going so it’s coming together quite nicely… on to the rest of the pictures I promised..
This is the full length of the back veranda/sleepout area…it’s huge and the girls are having a ball with all this space to play in….thinking of putting some nice small cane chairs in here as it would make a great sunroom area too….
The lovely fireplace…sealed off and a gas heater in place….I finished decorating the mantle yesterday…

The lounge room finally set up properly…love the big window that lets in tonnes of light during the day..

The dining room finally clear of boxes….

One of the best things about our new location is the beach is only a few hundred meters from home and this is the track leading down to the water….

So there you have it that’s the rest of the house and I hope you all like it as much as we do….we really only had one hiccup while moving and that was the trampoline…..we had terrible weather the weekend we moved and when we went back to get the trampoline we found it on it’s side and over near the fence. Now our trampoline is a big 12 foot round trampoline with a net around it so you can imagine the sight we came too…we pulled it back on it’s legs and this is what had happened to it….
As you can see the whole frame buckled and legs came off…this was after Chris and I took the net off as it was acting like a kite and blowing it over……We knew the wind was strong but never thought the trampoline would be blown over……I still can’t believe the damage that was caused….we have promised Bec and Luke a new trampoline soon…
Well besides losing the trampoline it has been a great first week in the new house and I’m looking forward to doing a few projects I have in mind but more about those in a later post…..I want to name the house as I can’t keep calling it ‘the new house’ so if you have any ideas leave a comment….til tomorrow…take care and Au revoir….xo