Today it’s Monday and so far the start to my week is going quite well (fingers crossed it stays that way) and this packing business seems to finally be under control. I’m surprised by how much stuff one house holds and by the amount we’re culling before moving, we’ve been pretty brutal and really gone ‘nope, can live without it’ so there are a few items that have been listed on gumtree and others that have been delivered to St Vinnies and I even dropped a few things to my sister. I really do believe in, if I can’t use it pass it on because there’s always someone out there who could get use out of what I don’t need any more. Now I know I’ve been talking about moving for a few months now and some of you may be wondering (like I have been) are they ever going to find somewhere….well we have found somewhere we love and are just waiting to see if it’s ours…if it is then I will share lots more about it when I know for sure and then I won’t be rambling about trying to find somewhere, I’ll just be rambling about the moving, unpacking and how much I love the house….so be prepared.

While we’ve been busy packing and running around here there and everywhere over the last week my two rose bushes I planted a while ago have started blooming. Some of you have seen pics on Instagram and some of you will see pics here today. It may sound strange but I was glad when I saw the roses were flowering as it has given me something lovely to watch and enjoy and appreciate as all the chaos of moving has been happening around me. For those of you who read Just Breathe you know I’m a big believer in literally stopping and smelling the roses and just standing still and breathing deeply and feeling the earth beneath our feet….I really feel if we don’t do these little things and take just five minutes a day to stop then that’s when life’s pressures can become too much. Any way…..I’m loving my roses and they will absolutely be dug up and taken to the new house with me, however I’m thinking of potting them and sitting them on the front veranda……that’s right…if we get this house I have a front verandah…it’s small but spacious… you really just want to see it don’t you…?? hehe…hopefully soon.

Well being that I can’t show you the veranda yet I will just have to show you the pictures of my beautiful roses…the red one is a French one and I have forgotten it’s name and the white one is called Champagne….such an appropriate name for this household…..I hope you like the pics and I took these with my phone and believe it or not my phone is giving me much better pictures lately than my camera…..can’t wait to get that DSLR Camera…..will be pics galore then….any way enjoy and let me know what your favourite flower is….Mine has always been roses….I’ve never swayed from loving them best.

 Champagne…was tricky getting the pic as it’s very windy today
 There’s something special about the way roses open..
 My French red rose…
 Big, Bold and Blooming
A beautiful scent from this rose
So there you have it, my roses that have helped me to stop and take five before I go mad from all this moving business…