Good morning Home, Love and Life friends…..I’m hoping you’ve all had a great and productive week before the weekend starts.

As I’m sitting here thinking of you all and about what I have to get done today I can’t help but look out my window…you see Winter is making a big effort to get started here in little old Busselton to the point where I’ve noticed some have already got their fires going in late afternoon. While it’s not too cold this morning it is grey, cloudy and wet but that’s ok with me….I actually really happen to love the weather like this before Winter really hits with full force. This weather always reminds me of being at my grandparents place either on the weekend or school holidays in the winter…..they always had their wood stove going and me and my sisters used to help bring the wood in in a special metal bucket my grandma kept just for the wood….we’d fill it up and then carry it in together and then watch as either grandma or pop stoked the fire. Yes I was one of those kids who spent all her school holidays at her grandparents house and loved it…..they built their house with their own two hands from the ground up and it always had a special feeling about it. It was always warm and cosy and inviting and I could just spend all day there and be happy and content to watch the rain from the sleepout doorway. It is hard to describe exactly the feeling that house used to give me in winter….while it hammered rain, thunder and lightening outside I was safe and warm inside and it just made Winter more enjoyable. I also think this is where my love of older houses started…..growing up we knew and had heard the stories of grandma and pop clearing their block of land and building the garage which they lived in before the house was built…(thank goodness my grandfather was a carpenter by trade and I think it’s from him I get my love of wood and refurbishing) and I think this is why their house was more special to me than any other house….I spent almost as much time at their house as I did my own growing up.

This pic would have to be about 57yrs old…before fencing went up and gardens were put in…the gargage is in the background and the house in front….I miss this house…it’s been knocked down now and the block developed…
So yes, today is making me wish I was a kid again on a winters day spending time colouring in at the kitchen table while the woodstove heats the house and listening to my Pop shuffle around in his slippers in the morning and watching grandma sit in front of the fire making toast in the fire on a fork. The joys of childhood…why do we want to grow up so fast…?
How does the change into Winter make you feel? It’s funny how seasons changing trigger memories and make us feel certain ways…….Were you all like me and spent lots of time at your grandparents house…if so I think we were the lucky lot…….Oh and don’t forget to keep your eyes open for Fridays Photography Post a little later today……Au revoir pour l’instant……Goodbye for now…..xo