Happy Friday….Home, Love and Life friends……as I mentioned the other day I have neglected my Fridays Photography post (unintentionally of course) of late simply due to forgetting about it…how could I forget it?? Seriously!! Well no more….I’m back with my camera and phone and there have been lots of pics taken this week, especially with the discovery of instagram!! (still loving it) So not too much rambling from me, (until later hehe) I hope you all enjoy the snapshots of how my day went in brief and I’m hoping to get out over the weekend and find some really interesting shots for next week.

 The best carrot cake for morning tea is here in Busselton.
 My amazing son Luke who has Autism doing his food shopping.
 My gloves from H&G Magazine, made my day.
My lovely Jacaranda tree, it was not much more than a stick and almost dead when I moved in. Now after much tlc it’s doing really well.
So what did your day involve today? Picture, recipes, cleaning, visiting?? Feel free to share how you day went, I’m hoping you’ve all had a great Friday….I certainly have. And I’ve just had an idea!! (light bulb moment) So keep your eyes open you never know what I could be up to….have a great night.