A few weeks back I was reading my dear friend Nellie’s Blog over at McCarthyDesign and saw these French Market Baskets and fell in love with them immediately. I asked Nellie where I could get one and after a few hiccups of the internet not working properly I sent her and email and asked where she got them, Nellie promptly got back to me and explained she was opening her online store soon McCarthy Design & Occasions  and would I like to be her first customer through to give the store a run and see how it works and make sure all is working well from a customers point of view. Now as a woman who likes to shop I’m not going to say no to the wonderful offer Nellie was offering, so I informed her I would love to go through the shop and test run it for her.

As soon as the store was ready Nellie sent me an email and let me know I had free run to go into the store and buy whatever I liked…lol..(I was only after the French Market Basket this time). Everything was so easy and well categorized so it was easy to find what I was looking for. Nellie has done a wonderful job putting the store together and she has an amazing range of products all within reasonable pricing too, there isn’t anything in Nellie’s shop I would consider over priced, she really did well in making sure everything was affordable.

Nellie has also gone to the trouble of giving the history of certain products which I think was a wonderful idea as it tells the buyer exactly what they’re buying and the work that’s gone into it. (French Market Baskets for example)

I purchased my French Market Basket (Made in Morocco incidentally) as well as a french bottle and let Nellie know I thought the store was a smashing success and it worked perfectly, no problems what so ever. Then I just sat back and waited for my parcel to arrive in the mail.

Being that I live all the way over in W.A I think it took about three days to get to me from the time Nellie posted it which I thought was very good. Nellie has even given alot of thought to the packaging and presentation of her products. The Bag was wrapped beautifully (I forgot to take a pic of it before I unwrapped it but I was excited…..) and even though I bought the bag for myself it was wrapped as if it had been a present sent from one friend to another and that just made it all the more special.

As you can see the French Market Basket can hold quite a few things, including a bottle of wine.
The French Bottle will be used for my lovely bath salts given to me by a good friend.
I am in love with my new Bag and it has been going every where, it is very comfortable to carry around and there is plenty of space to put all your shopping goodies.
So if you haven’t been over to Nellie’s store McCarthy Designs & Occasion then I recommend you do and see just what Nellie has that can spruce up your home, I’m sure you’ll love all her products and if you love the French Market Basket then make sure you check it out because Nellie has four different styles and believe me it was hard to choose just one.
So shop, spend, enjoy and have fun roaming through Nellie’s store……And to my wonderful new friend Nellie, congratulations on your newest adventure and keep going strong, you’re a hit!!
Friendships are like flowers, you never know where they’ll bloom ~ Michelle Lisle
Amitiés sont comme des fleurs, on ne sait jamais où ils y fleurissent ~ Michelle Lisle