This is post is dedicated to one of my closest and dearest friends Peta. For the last three years Peta has been trying to have a baby and after 19 attempts at insemination and ivf she finally fell pregnant last July and didn’t tell any one until December last year. I was one of the very first people to know she was trying to have a baby and I was honoured she would share her journey with me. Peta is one of those people that you just know would make a great mum and she is to her six foster kids she’s been raising for the last nine years and she’s done an amazing job that I’m not sure many people could have done. However love and marriage has eluded Peta and she has always wanted a baby so when she decided she couldn’t wait any more for Mr Right and was going to go ahead and have a baby without him I supported her decision all the way because she was my friend and I knew she had wanted this her whole life.

Peta and I at my wedding last year, she was my Maid of Honour.

Yesterday we were talking and she told me she’d had some contractions about every half hour from 1am and a lot of lower back pain. I told her to keep an eye on the contractions and if they got worse to go to the hospital to get checked out. She sent me a message a little while later she was going in to get checked as she had a show and bub wasn’t moving, I told her not to stress he was probably getting ready for the job he had ahead of him. The nurse told her everything was fine and it would probably be a couple of days away.

So I told her to keep me informed as the day went on and we both went on with our days. About four o’clock I sent her a message to see how things were going as I was heading out about 7:30pm and was a little worried. I hadn’t heard back from her by  the time I got home at 9pm so I sent her another message to see if she was ok and went to bed an hour later. I said to Chris I hadn’t heard from her which was unusual for Peta and he said maybe she’d gone into labour and just didn’t have time to let me know. So off to bed we went and to sleep.

I woke up just after seven this morning to Bec climbing all over the bed and trying to get Chris and I out of bed. I said again to Chris, Peta hadn’t got back to me and I was worried… I sent her another text and said ‘hey woman you didn’t get back to me last night is everything alright? Anymore contractions?’ And by now it’s quarter past seven…..and then I get this message back…

Nicholas Peter Dominic Wells born 6:15am 7lb 4oz…..this morning!!
So while I was dreaming the weirdest dreams ever last night my best friend was in labour and gave birth exactly an hour before I woke up today……She looks absolutely beautiful in this picture and so natural….she will be an amazing mother……and little Nicholas is just beautiful, isn’t he??
Obviously I will be heading to Perth as soon as I can to see Peta and have a long hold of Nicholas…..but for now we are texting and keeping in touch and although she’s a little sore they’re both doing extremely well.
So for you my dear, dear friend here is a song for you and Nicholas to share forever…..for you this song fits…Harry Connick Jnr with For Once In My Life……Jah Bless and I’ll see you soon xoxox All my love….