I must start by asking you all, have you ever made a meal that was soooo good you didn’t want to stop eating?? Well that’s what happened last night. I decided to try out  the new slow cooker with one of my favourite winter recipes that always comes out really well when done on the stove but I bought the slow cooker to save me cooking time this year. So first thing yesterday morning I put all ingredients to my Beef and Vegetable Casserole with Rosemary Dumplings into the slow cooker, turned it on and left it. (Dumplings we’re not added until the last 30 – 45 mins of cooking)  By 5:30pm all was ready and smelling oh so lovely, so I dished dinner up and watched as everyone devoured their casserole. I never have seconds at dinner but even I had seconds last night and Chris had thirds!! (though he had a terrible stomach ache later from eating too much, poor thing) The dumplings are to die for and they’re not heavy, you cannot have this without the dumplings because they are what really finish it off and give it the extra flavour. Everyone enjoyed dinner so much last night there have been requests for it to be made again this week and Chris even took left overs to work for lunch today.

The new slow cooker hard at work before I added the dumplings.
(Thanks to Cas at Peaches & Maple for inspiring me to get a slow cooker. It was her pumpkin and spinach risotto recipe that I thought, yep I’ve got to invest in a new slow cooker. Thanks Cas..xo)

So while the slow cooker was doing it’s job I decided I would make a batch of Strawberry and White Choc Muffins with the new mixer. I found this recipe over at abeachcottage and although Sarah used Blueberries in her muffins I decided I’d try some with Strawberries before they’re completely out of season, the next batch will be with Blueberries though. This recipe is quick and easy and one the kids can help with without too much trouble. Thanks Sarah for such a great quick and easy recipe, Sarah has lots of other great recipes at her blog so check it out.
My new Kenwood Mixer that has been getting a workout since buying it Saturday afternoon and will continue to get a workout all year. (Thanks Hun.)

Strawberry & White Choc Muffins cooling. These came out great and Bec didn’t even leave a crumb behind.
I will be putting the recipes up a little later today for both the casserole and muffins as they turned out so well that I thought I just have to share them with you all. For now I’m off to get the rest of the washing done and make some home made Sausage Rolls for lunch today and a Chocolate pudding for desert tonight. (recipes for these will go up too) So have a great day and I’ll be back later with the recipes and a few Home pics too..