The clip below explains exactly how I feel about our moving predicament at the moment. This little song has stuck with me for years ever since I saw it in an old movie and every time I need to make a decision about moving this song always pops into my head.

As you all know Chris and I have to move and while we didn’t get the house we were after we have seen a nice rental. However we’re now thinking because we’ve got five months up our sleeve before we have to move we should stay and save as much as possible and then go when time has run out. On the other hand we have two rooms that aren’t being used and it’s wasted space I’m having to clean, plus the fact we have been over run by ants all summer that just aren’t going away. I know I was teasing Chris about the ants (Ant and Spider Town….Population….Billions) but now it is ridiculously out of control to the point if packets aren’t taped closed tightly then the ants will get in. They’re sleeping with us, showering with us and even taking over the oven!! This is what makes us want to GO and fast.

So more thinking time is needed and I would like a couple of months here to get All About Nails up and running and a few regular customers. Hmm decisions, decisions, isn’t life so much easier when someone does the thinking for you but then you’d miss all the fun of life.

Well until next time (which will be later today) I hope everyone has a great weekend and lots of fun. We’re off bowling today, lets see if I can beat Chris again….lol…Take care…