Morning all, I’m a bit behind with blogging this week as I’ve had a migraine that has just wanted to linger for a few days and leave my  head pounding but thanks to some rest, (as in not much computer time, not as in no house work..pfft) some good old nurofen and wearing my glasses more, all is well once again.

Now if you follow me on twitter or facebook you would have seen an exciting announcement I made before the migraine kicked in. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about let me share with you my news….after much deliberation I have decided I’m going into business for myself from home. Doing what you’re wondering?? Well, I am a Nail Technician and Beautician by trade (as well as a qualified Teachers Assistant and Intereior Decorator, I’ve done my fare share of study over the years) so to start with I will be doing acrylic nails and manicures. (I’m considering pedicures and facials as well.) I made the trip to Bunbury yesterday to pick up some  more supplies and there’s just a few hand towels I need to pick up and I’m basically ready to go. Business cards should be here in about three weeks…..oh, I suppose you’d all like to know what the business will be called (silly of me to forget to tell  you all)….Welcome to All About Nails…..!! I can’t wait to get started, who would like a manicure first, any volunteers?

Well there you have it my news is now shared and if anyone would like a manicure or full set of acrylics (and yes I do French tip, they’re my favourite) then feel free to give me a call and we’ll make a time. 
I’m now off to get Bec and I some breakfast but keep your eyes open as I still have more news about moving and Fridays Photography is yet to come. Have a great day everyone, no matter where in the world you are.