Well I figure it’s about time I let you all know how our house hunt is going. Well it hasn’t gone as we hoped it would, we didn’t get the loan for the house we were after so it’s back to the drawing board. Which basically means we now have to find a reasonable rental and an affordable one, boy there are some shockers out there. This is the house we were hoping to be ours.


I really wish this was a rental because I’d be happy to rent it, it’s a great house. However it obviously just was not meant to be this time around.

Still home for up to five more months.

So my lovely home here in Busselton is still home for a while longer yet. We have five more months up our sleeves before we have to move but I am viewing a property tomorrow and will let you all know how that goes. We’re not rushing but I really don’t want to be moving in the middle of winter here in the south west….noooo…not such a good idea, wind, rain, hail, more wind and more rain…..no I think we’ll move now while the weather is still reasonably good. But I have to say that in the space of two weeks it has gone from being light at 5:30am when Chris leaves for work to dark when he leaves for work and I can’t get over how fast the chilly mornings have kicked in either. I think we may even get an early winter here this year.
Well it’s so long for now as there’s so much still to do but I will be back a little later hopefully with some Home shots (more decorative than the house itself) for you. Take care.