Today I turn 37!! I don’t celebrate my birthday as I’m one of Jehovah’s Witnesses but that doesn’t mean you don’t stop and reflect about the fact you’re getting older. Today officially puts me in the ‘late 30’s’ category and it’s not a label I’m liking much. Now don’t think I’m depressed or going to jump off any bridges (the jetty maybe just for fun…but no bridges hehe) because that’s not the case at all, it’s just that it means I’m ever so closer to 40!!! Really I know 37 isn’t old at all, in fact I still mess around with my kids and with Chris as if I were the teenager at times and maybe that has been one benefit to having kids so young is that I was young with them.

Today I’m 37yrs old….

It’s also going to be an interesting year. As most of you would have read in an earlier post (It’s Official….We’re Moving Out….) we’re moving soon. We’ve been looking at houses and debating whether to buy or rent but if all goes well buying will win out and we are hoping to have some news either today or at least by mid week about our loan. However if it falls through then it’ll be renting for a while, whichever way we go we’ve only got five months left to make a decision and move on out, so it’s all systems go here. I’ve already started packing the house so we are just ready to go when we do find something and that way I’m not running around like a lunatic with three days to spare before moving….a little like when I moved to Busselton, I had three weeks to pack a four bedroom house, teenagers, animals, organise a truck, have everything turned on in the house in Busselton, friends helping pack and one even made the three hour trip with her car full of stuff to help me (thanks Bec). And man did those three weeks fly by, it sounds like plenty of time but really it’s not. So this time I’m getting a major head start so it will all be done beforehand and all we have to do is load a truck and go.

So while today is just another day (except I’m not usually waiting to hear about loans) it does make me think that time goes by so fast and we never know what’s around the corner. I would never have thought just two years ago when I moved to Busselton that within twelve months of moving here I’d be married to my high school sweetheart (you can read all about it as Full Circle was my very first Post) and then a further twelve months later we’d be looking to buy our first house together. It has definitely been and interesting and exciting 2yrs since leaving the city and I’m sure it’ll continue to be an interesting life being married to Chris, raising kids and moving house along the way. So although I’m not thrilled about turning 37 it’s comforting to know Chris will be joining me in turning 37 himself in just three short months…hehe….love you hun…

Well for now I’m out of here as I have a certain three year old who’s claiming to be starving to death and needs breakfast so have a good day and I’ll check back in later…..No time to worry about getting older when kids are nagging you to death…..take care..