Do you have a room in your house that’s always a disaster zone?? I do and mine just happens to be the laundry of all places. You would probably think the laundry would be the easiest room in the house to keep clean but with loads of traffic going in and out of there, sand blowing in on windy days, cats traipsing in and out to use the kitty litter and no door to close it off, it constantly looks like a bomb went off in there. So today’s mission is to get this room under control, tidy and looking just a little spiffy.

The disaster zone. Have you got one too??

Well it is now three in the afternoon and the disaster zone is finally under control, nice and tidy and just a little spiffy.

The disaster zone under control and tidy.

If you’re like me and your dryer isn’t wall mounted and find the top of it gets covered in dust and run down from laundry bottles, place a nice foot towel over the top of the dryer. It keeps it clean and dust free then every once in a while just throw the foot towel in with your usual towels to wash and voila…..nice fresh cover for the dryer again. I thought of this one day when I was over the dryer needing wiping down again as it means I have to take everything off give it a good scrub then put everything back.

Taken in the play room just to show I really don’t
have a door to close the laundry off.

So how about it, do you all have a disaster zone in your house? If so which room is it and how do you keep it under control?? And do you think it’s fact or fiction that every house has at least one disaster zone?

Avoir une bonne journee…..~Francais

Have a great day…..