Well today is Wednesday and this is the one day of the week I have the house completely to myself as Chris is at work (obviously), Bec is at Bumble Bee and Luke is at Intework. Now what to do today. Well lately I’ve been making Wednesday the one day of the week I treat myself to a treat and it just happens to be that oh so beautiful ice cream I’m always rambling on about….yep you guessed it….Simmo’s. Today was coffee crunch and for those who live close enough to try it and haven’t I suggest you do and for those who live too far away to try it well take my word for it, it’s the best ice cream around. I thought today I would actually sit on the beach while having ice cream and take in the sun and sound of the water as it was a beautiful day.

Simmo’s Coffee Crunch, so delicious.

I also thought I’d try something a little different for Wednesdays as I have the time, peace and quiet to do it while it’s just me home. I thought I’d do a bit of a video blog about what I’m up to. I’m sure there will be plenty to tell you especially while we’re on the house hunt and packing to move. So here’s today’s video blog….I hope you all enjoy it even though it’s short. And before I forget, apologies if I’m a bit hard to hear on the video as it was very windy and also I didn’t realize I was holding the phone so close, it’s not easy to record yourself when the sun is so bright it’s hitting the screen and you can’t tell if you’ve hit record or if you’re in the frame properly hehehe….was definitely an experience. Hope you enjoy it.

                                                 My first attempt with a video blog.

So there you have it, now it’s over to you guys to tell me what you think. So what do you think??