This morning I was rushing around the house trying to get jobs out of the way and I was thinking about the fact I needed to catch up on the laundry. Then I stopped dead in my tracks and thought ‘where are all our towels and bathers from the beach Monday? I know I washed them…’ and then it hit me, I did wash them, Monday afternoon and pegged them out Monday evening…..and guess where they still were…..yep, you guessed it, they were still out on the line. So to make sure I wasn’t going crazy I went to check and sure enough blowing in the beautiful morning breeze with the sun shining on them there were our towels, bathers and a few extra bits.

Fresh forgotten washing.

I have been so side tracked the last couple of days I can’t believe I completely forgot I pegged the washing out let alone forgetting I even washed it.

Blowing in the morning breeze and the bright sunshine.

It really was a beautiful morning today and it has stayed that way all day, in fact it has been this way all week. This is why I love Autumn, beautiful weather you can still go to the beach to swim and glorious days like today to peg out the washing and get that super fresh air smell in your clothes and linen. Gotta love sunshine and fresh air.