With all the talk of Autumn and seasons changing I thought I would share few of my favourite nature pictures. Some are from my own garden and some are from just being out and about. Enjoy.

Bird of Paradise in my garden. I actually never really liked
these before but after having them for a couple of years
now the have definitely grown on me. They’re fascinating
to watch flower.

A small bunch of Grapes growing on my vine. Lets just hope the birds
don’t go stealing them all. I’m enjoying watching the grapes getting bigger.

Another bunch of grapes getting bigger. They sure are tricky to find on
the vine as they blend in with the leaves.

My Grapevine growing wild and free. Some of the vines have started
winding themselves around the top of the bench seat. I love sitting there
in the after noon, it’s nice and relaxing.
Lauren actually took this picture while we were shopping at Bunnings.
She knows roses are my favourite flower.

Lauren’s favourite flower, Daisies.

Pelicans sitting on the rocks in the Blackwood River in Augusta. For those
of you who remember my first Fridays Photography Post when I told you
about visiting Augusta and tripping on the jetty and capturing my Shadow
Pic, these are the Pelicans I was trying to get a picture of.