Apologies for a belated post, it has been mad weekend followed by an even crazier week so far but here is so far my favourite Fridays Photography post. I hope you all enjoy it.

Where do you live? Have you ever asked yourself this question and wondered how your town came about? Well ever since I saw the Pioneer Cemetery in town I have wondered who was buried there, how long ago they were buried and what part they played in the community. Now while it’s going to take some time to learn about where I live I was able to find out a few things just by visiting the Pioneer Cemetery, for instance some of our Streets here in town such as Layman Rd, Bussell Highway,Chapman Rd and Molloy Street are named after pioneers who settled in Busselton. The other thing that really struck me as I wandered through the cemetery and wondered about who these people were and how life must have been like almost 200 years ago was how young people died. Some died through accidental drowning, some were accidentally killed at work and sadly very young children died through accident or illness. Another thing that really stuck with me is how most of these people who could afford headstones had scriptures of faith from the bible inscribed on them. People believed in God back then and had respect for his word and understood there would be a time when they would be woken from sleep to be reunited in a peaceful world with their loved ones. It is such a contrast to today’s society where people blatantly ridicule each other for having belief in our creator Jehovah, yet I say be kind, respectful and accept each other for who we are because no one has a right to judge except for Jehovah God. On that note here are the pictures from the cemetery and I hope you’re able to read some of the beautiful inscriptions on some of the headstones. If they’re unreadable and you’d like to know what they say leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

A snippet of how our town started.
Now a famous jetty that sees all tourist standing infront
of to have their picture taken.
Henry John Yelverton was a pioneer of much of the land in
 the Qunidalup region, west of Busselton in these early days.

An unnamed headstone made only of wood.

I was hoping this headstone would be readable as it has a lovely message
from one brother to the other talking about how they will meet again.
I have to admit I was saddened to see the destruction of
this headstone and others as it’s unbelievable to me that
people can show such disrespect.
Another unnamed grave with  just a
simple wooden cross, not even a name
on it to say who is buried here.
A family plot.
Although not readable on screen another
headstone with scripture from the bible
inscribed on it.
James Layman’s headstone, one of our longest streets in
Busselton is named after him.
A simple headstone.
Under the tall trees they sleep until they are awakened by
their creator to live once more.
An idea of the people buried here in this peaceful
It is hard to imagine 25 cargo ships lined up along our jetty for trade now but it
must have been an awesome sight all those years ago. Now the jetty is enjoyed
by locals and tourists on a daily basis, not a day goes by that the jetty isn’t being used.