We’re almost halfway through February and I can start to feel the seasons change, the mornings are starting  to be cool and crisp, while the days are still warm and sticky at times, then the evenings transform into still coolness that just makes you want to stand outside in the night air and just breathe. Breathe deep, long and slow until the mind winds down and the body relaxes and your feet are firm to the ground from which we came.  We take breathing for granted and it’s not until we’re running short of breath or totally stressed out that we feel that tightness in our chests and then realize, stop, slow down, relax and breathe….. Without breath we wouldn’t be alive so it’s only right that each day we attempt to take five minutes to just stop and breathe and take in everything around us and count our blessings.

So with that thought in mind and Autumn (Fall) fast approaching I look forward to getting back into the garden as it really has been too hot to do the heavy maintenance so it’s just been a case of keeping everything alive until the weather cools down enough to be able to spend a decent amount of time in the garden without getting burnt to a crisp. I find the garden is one place where I can just breathe and relax and let the worries of life just drift away. For me gardening these days is therapeutic and I find I can get lost in what I’m doing and the time just flies by, especially if I’m hand watering the yard. I don’t know what it is but there is something about watering the lawn by hand that is completely relaxing and in my family everyone enjoys watering by hand and there have been tiffs over who got the hose first…..they really are a weird mob…lol.  But for whatever reason we all like to water the lawn by hand and it’s been that way for as long as I can remember.

Autumn for me also reminds me of picnics with a cosy blanket to sit on, good food, enjoying the sun and the cool air all at the same time with the people you love or sitting under a tree with a good book or favourite magazine to devour while it’s peaceful. Autumn and Spring seem to be to me the most relaxing seasons, maybe it’s because with Autumn we’re coming out of the hot weather that has worn us out and perhaps with Spring it’s because we’re coming out of the cold weather that has kept a good many of us hibernated for nearly three months. Whatever the reason, Autumn and Spring are my most productive months outside the house as the weather is cool and inviting me to go outdoors to enjoy the green grass, the new flowers blooming, the sun on my skin and most of all to breathe in the fresh air and feel the earth under my feet to which I belong.

Imagine a picnic on a beautiful cosy blanket under this tree with the one you love.
 I couldn’t think of anything better.

All this talking about taking time to breathe has reminded me of a song I love, Faith Hill’s Breathe. So click on the link below and enjoy as it’s a beautiful song and to which ever season you love the most……enjoy.