I took these photos over the weekend when we were out and about driving around. These tall beautiful trees line the road on Caves Road heading towards Augusta. It was a warm day but with these amazing trees giving shade it really felt much cooler. I love trees and at times I think we take them for granted and don’t really appreciate the job they do with all green life for our planet, if not for the trees we wouldn’t have oxygen. And while I know we all want to build our houses and we have to clear land to do so I sometimes think trees are cleared too quickly without thinking about the consequences. If you need to clear a block to build a house fair enough but why not plant some trees when the house is finished being built and put just a little of nature back that was taken in the first place.

Many miles of beautiful trees line Caves Road.

This next picture, well it doesn’t look too good as it’s a reminder of how devastating fire can be. Last year there was a very bad bush fire in the South West through Margaret River and Prevelly. While some people lost their homes others were lucky to have the fire come within inches of their front doors but not take the house. Even the beaches weren’t left untouched, the dunes are scorched still and everything is black and burnt and trying desperately to recover. It is a reminder that while we need our elements, fire, water, air and wind they can also be extremely dangerous and mustn’t be taken lightly

Just one of the many sand dunes in Prevelly recovering from being burnt out. While some greenery is coming back the
sand dune  in the background is still blackened as well as the small bushes to the left. The whole coast line is still black and recovering