I’m blocked this morning, I want to write and have a hundred things going through my head but my mind is fuzzy. I believe in part it’s due to the fact I need to declutter the house and it’s sitting in the back of my mind and therefore is not letting me concentrate on anything other than getting this clutter out of my house. I can’t even focus on my study and that’s a problem because I have an assignment to do and I love design. There’s only one thing to do…..it’s all got to go today!! Now some of it will have to wait until Chris gets home from work because I just can’t lift the couches myself or the big t.v for that matter but I’ll get it all organised to go.

It is amazing to me how one household can acquire so much ‘stuff’ (for lack of a better word) that just sits around and does nothing. Admittedly a fair bit belongs to James and Lauren and they will be home on Sunday to take the rest of their stuff with them back to the city…..thank goodness. However I’m thinking I need to either have a garage sale to get rid of the rest or just call the Salvo’s, Lions Club or Vinnie’s to pick it up. I have no problem donating to charitable organizations as they’re are so many people who just can’t afford to buy new furniture. I know I’ve been there and I’ve always been glad to know I can go to one of my local op shops and find what I need when funds are low. The old adage that ‘one mans junk is another mans treasure’ is so true and there is nothing better than to recycle and know that our ‘stuff’ is helping someone else.

So I’m culling, no more cluttered house and no more cluttered mind….to the cupboards I go and I bet I find more than what I’m thinking that I can either sell or give away.