Lately I keep dreaming of the same thing over and over again….houses. Not just houses themselves as inanimate objects but designing houses, building houses and decorating houses, it goes on and on. I suppose the fact I’m studying interior design and watching a lot of one of my favourite design shows ‘Sarah’s House’ for ideas and inspiration doesn’t help but what can I say, I love interior design/decorating. You see I’ve also been trying to decide between buying a brand spanking new couch or buying one structurally sound but ‘ugly’ (in other words, one you wouldn’t normally dream of buying  because the upholstery is just gross) and having it reupholstered in a fabric I love. I’m leaning very much toward saving a few dollars and buying ‘ugly’ and having it reupholstered. Have you all noticed (especially here in Australia, not sure about elsewhere) that when you go into major department stores like Harvey Norman, Bed Shed, Furniture Spot, that ALL couches are solid colours?? You just cannot buy a couch in a patterned fabric these days yet I remember growing up that just about everybody’s couch had patterned fabric, what happened to it? I can tell you what happened, it was the 70’s and early 80’s and all the fabrics were by anyone’s standard now, horrible! Hence those of us who grew up with these awful couches decided we wanted plain colours for our couches when we moved out of home and that became the demand. People moved away from pattern and into solid colours which saw pattern fabric couches virtually disappear. However I plan on bringing some patterned chairs back into my home as I love nice pattern fabrics. I stopped in at an upholstery shop I found by accident last week and they had the most beautiful polk a dot fabric I’ve ever seen, hence I was inspired even more to buy an ‘ugly’ couch. When I finally purchase an ‘ugly’ couch I’ll make sure I take a before and after picture so you can all see just what can be accomplished with some gorgeous fabric.

As most of you know Chris and I are on the baby track and while some of you think we’re crazy, others have been extremely supportive and we appreciate it. And this is the other thing I keep dreaming of too….BABIES…but they’re not necessarily my baby in my dream. This summer in our little tourist town there have been and incredible number of pregnant women around, I mean I’m not imagining it, every time you turn a corner there’s a pregnant woman. And my friend Peta tells me in late December she’s having a baby in April, how she managed to keep it a secret for 25weeks of her pregnancy I don’t know because I wouldn’t have been able to. As someone who’s trying to conceive and nothing so far is happening it’s frustrating to see so many pregnant women around as it’s a reminder that I am not pregnant. I’m happy for anyone and everyone I know who is having a baby as it’s something exciting to look forward to but when you are constantly dreaming about babies and they’re not always yours it can get a bit beyond the joke. When we’re not worried about whether we fall pregnant or not, especially in our teens or 20’s, that’s when it happens but once you get to that horrible age bracket of 35+ it seems to be harder than ever.

I was beginning to feel like a pregnancy magnet for everyone but me at one point, first my sister finds out she’s pregnant, then Peta, plus a couple of other people I know are expecting their first and second babies. If you want to fall pregnant ladies just spend an afternoon around me because it seems like everyone around me is falling pregnant, just not me. Hopefully it’ll happen sooner rather than later. For now I guess I’ll keep myself occupied by studying, searching out bargain finds for ugly furniture, rearranging this house and getting back in my garden which has suffered a bit lately with all this hot weather. And I guess I’ll continue to dream away until those dreams are a reality and then there really will be something to write home about.

P.S If you have an interest in interior design like I do and want to get some great ideas and excellent advice check out Sarah’s website, you can also watch her show online if you don’t have foxtel.

                  Sarah Richardson, Host of Sarah’s House.