So for my first lot of Friday photos I’ve opted to go black and white. I love black and white photos, personally I think they capture the mood or the moment better to some degree because you don’t have the distraction of bright colours detracting from what you were originally trying to capture. For instance, my first picture is of a massive rock they’ve put down the foreshore and the shear size of it and the texture was what caught my attention. However because I originally took the picture in colour I found the bright, beautiful and vivid blue sky we had here today very distracting so I changed it to black and white and it looks much better, I think. Here’s hoping you all like the first installment of Fridays Photography of which all pictures were taken down the foreshore.

I don’t usually photograph inanimate objects but today
I found this amazing rock.

 If this amazing rock doesn’t catch peoples eyes then it  
 goes  to show we are living to fast a pace life. I saw this
 rock from a way off and immediately it caught my
 attention, so much so I just had to get a picture of it.

Originally from the city like myself.

This water slide was originally in the city when I was in my teens. Now it’s been here in Busselton for quite a few years. Ironic that  me and this water slide should now be living in the same town.

A monument to the man who helped find part of  Australia.
(have forgotten his name but will find out who he is)

I have seen this statue for years when I’ve gone to the foreshore and I have asked my family if they know about it and to my surprise they’ve all said ‘what statue?’ and they have all lived here a lot longer than I have. I actually took a photo of Luke and Lauren standing either side of this statue not long after we moved to Busselton.