I have this habit of constantly moving furniture around in my house and it seems to bother everyone but me, probably because no one else is aware of it until they get home from work, school etc. Take this morning for example, I woke up and thought ‘this room really isn’t functioning to it’s best ability.’ So at 6:30am this morning I moved all the bedroom furniture (Chris is already at work by this time). Our bed was under the bedroom window but the main problem with this is that it makes it very difficult to open the window and in this weather I have to have that window open as it’s just too warm to be able to sleep.

So first I swept the floor, because you know once you move that bed the dust bunnies are going to come out and get caught underfoot. Moved the dresser down to the other side of the room, moved my bed side table into the new corner, turned the bed around (be careful if you use your legs to move furniture like I do because the last time I did it this way I dislocated my knee….not fun in the end), moved Chris’ bedside table to his side of the bed and then finished moving the dresser so it’s opposite the foot end of the bed. How I did all this without waking anyone up I don’t know. Our house is tiled not carpeted and that bed and dresser make a lot of noise but somehow everyone slept through the interior designer working on another make over, as I do about every six months…..hehe.

When Chris got home I was talking to my friend Susan and didn’t have a chance to tell him I’d moved the room around, yet again. After Susan left I said to Chris ‘did you notice the room?’ Stupid question really as you’d have to be blind to not see as soon as you walk in everything’s not where it was. Chris’ response, ‘yeah, good thing I looked because I was about to go flop on the bed and I would have hit the floor.’ That’s the response I get after moving all the furniture myself!! Men just don’t get the need to move furniture to the point your happy with it and the room is functional. Men could live in a tent and never move a thing in it yet a woman would still find a reason to move the whole tent around just so it’s facing west instead of north…..men really are from Mars, aren’t they.

Any way that’s one room down in the house and a bunch more to go plus we’re getting ready for a garage sale and the kids are finally coming home to take the rest of their stuff back to the city with them….yey…more clutter gone…..I loath clutter in the house it makes me feel closed in and claustrophobic.

P.S how do you all feel about clutter? If you’re like me and hate it but sometimes don’t know where to start then check out this website my lovely friend told me about, it’s got heaps of useful hints and good easy ways to get things done. I’m sure you’ll like it as much as I do.