So I’ve decided my photography page is suffering and not really getting the attention it deserves from me, so I’ve set myself a mission. Friday’s will now be the day I go out with Bec and take some pictures and post the one I like best and I may even post some older pictures I’ve taken weeks, months or even years ago. We live in a town where there is always something to take a picture of and admittedly I keep forgetting my camera when I leave the house, so with my camera now planted in my bag there’s no excuse, as long as the battery doesn’t run out….then I’ve always got my phone for back up.

I’ve always loved photography and while I’m no expert photographer I’ve managed to capture some beautiful pictures over the years. For me photography is more about the fun of it and capturing something in the moment, such as the kids playing at the beach or the way the landscape looks at a particular time of day or year. It’s not about a perfect picture it’s about the meaning behind the picture. I have a photo of James, Luke and Lauren sitting on a back doorstep of our old house that I carry in my purse, it was taken when they were only 7, 5 and 3 years old at the time and I can never bring myself to take it out. It’s one of those photos that you look at and wish you could keep them that small and young forever.

Shadow pic.

This picture here is strangely one of my favourites and taken completely by accident. Last year about 4 weeks before the wedding Chris and I decided on the spur of the moment we needed to do an over nighter somewhere because we were completely stressed out with planning the wedding. So we packed an overnight bag and headed down to Augusta. Augusta is beautiful and quiet and everything you could hope for when wanting a quiet weekend away. Any way we were walking around the Blackwood river and started walking along the jetty so I could get closer to some Pelicans sitting on a post in the river to take their picture. However as I was walking along the jetty with camera in hand I tripped on one of the boards, lost my balance and happened to press the button and click. Now I have this silhouette picture of me on the jetty and I look like I only have four fingers on my right hand but it doesn’t matter because it was a wonderful night away, we had a great walk along the river and I got the pictures of the pelicans as well as myself. So while to some people this picture won’t be appealing or look like much, to me it’s a reminder of a wonderful quick trip with Chris and to watch where I’m walking….hehe.

To capture a moment in time is wonderful, to live a moment in time is precious. ~ Michelle

Pour capturer un moment dans le temps est merveilleux, de vivre un moment dans le temps est précieux. ~ Michelle