For years I’ve been going between Blonde and Brunette hair and I can never settle on which one I want to be. I  am naturally a brunette but ever since I was little I wanted blonde hair to go with my blue eyes. Why is it we always want what we don’t have? Brunettes always want to be Blonde and Blondes want to be Brunettes, go figure. A friend is a natural blonde but when she got her hairdressing apprenticeship she went to brunette and it really suited her yet most brunettes who go blonde have trouble finding the right tone of blonde to match their skin so they don’t look washed out.

Me this morning as a Blonde.
Back to Brunette by lunch time today.

So this is not the best picture of me but it’s the most recent I have with blonde hair. While I like the blonde it is a lot of maintenance and gets expensive where as going darker and keeping within my natural colour is easier to maintain. I’m off to the hairdressers at 11am believe it or not….to go back to a darker colour….this will not surprise my family as they’re used to me chopping and changing my mind all the time. One thing I have noticed being brunette as opposed to blonde is brunette brings out my blue eyes more than blonde ever does. I don’t have your usual light blue or sky blue eyes, they’re quite a dark blue which you don’t see on many blue eyed people.

And the brunette is back. I’m happy with the colour and would love to know what you all think, blonde or brunette? Let me know which you think looks better, I already know what mum will say…lol.

I know I’m not alone in this battle of the hair but it’s funny to me how we women are prepared to change our colour so often pretty much from the time we hit our teens. I have to say though that I’m loving the new colour as it feels like home and is actually not quite as dark as it looks in this picture. I’m sure once the greys come through I’ll be back at the salon saying ‘colour them quick!!’ It’s a girl thing.

But for now any way I’m happy back as a Brunette and it should be interesting to see what Chris says as he has no idea I was going to the salon and is still at work. I’ll let you know. Well blonde or brunette I’m happy, as long as I’ve got my health and my family what more could I ask for really.

P.S will be shopping tomorrow for Chris’ anniversary present….mine was put on lay-by last Friday…Chris thought he’d sneak down to Prouds after work to lay-by the bracelet I liked but couldn’t remember which one it was so came home and got me to go with him…..he’s such a sweety….will let you know what I get him soon…..