I can hear the birds outside while I sit here typing and I have a thousand thoughts going through my head at once and don’t really know which one to latch on to first. I need to go to town and do a few errands in a couple of hours and all I really want to do is stay home make some lovely coffee and study or write. Why is it when we have things we actually have to do we never feel like doing them yet when there’s ‘nothing’ to do we get everything done? I say ‘nothing’ this way because there is always something to be done and yet some days motivation seems to vanish and if you knew me then you’d know that I’m a girl who likes to shop and for me to not want to go into town is not normal. I think in part it’s because I know it won’t be relaxing because as I said yesterday town is over run with tourists and I can’t just stroll leisurely down the street to my destination because the streets are crowded and I’m too busy making sure I dodge around people who aren’t watching where they’re going.

I should go shopping however as Chris and I have our first anniversary coming up in five and a half weeks and I have no idea what to get him. Traditionally Paper is the first year anniversary present but do you think I can think of something paper for a guy?? No, I can’t, it’s impossible. I’m thinking I’m going against tradition and will get Chris something completely different. Now if I could afford it the perfect paper present would be two airline tickets to Paris. We both love Paris and plan on going there some day but it’s not going to be just yet, we have too many other things going on at the moment. So back to the drawing board and thankfully I have a bit of time up my sleeve.

I’m also missing my friends in Perth who I haven’t seen for so long, especially Lyn and Judith. In a way I feel homesick but not for the city and the noise and chaos, homesick for my friendships. Lyn and I used to catch up all the time when I lived in Perth and we’d always make time to go for coffee or have a meal at each others house at least once a fortnight and not being able to do that now makes me miss her because we had some of the best dinner parties with just the two of us and we love the same music, furniture, destinations and just enjoyed being in each others company. Lyn ran off to Paris last year right before Chris and I got married and I’m still dying to hear all about it in person. Though she did send me a clock from Paris which is taking pride of place in my kitchen and I love it. I so wish she could have been there for the wedding but we planned it quicker than most and Lyn’s trip to Paris was already booked and ready to go so unfortunately she wasn’t able to make it to the wedding but I told her all about it.

I miss Judith and our weird sense of humour together, especially when she’d relate the stupid things her husband Vince had done. Some men never grow up and get off skateboards…hehe. Judith is one of those people that when you make friends with her you just feel at ease, she’s so down to earth and there’s nothing pretentious about her at all and I think that’s what I miss the most, just hanging out, having a conversation and laughing together, we always laugh together.

And my mind is wondering again and my head is muddled with 999 thoughts running through it now so maybe I need to go have my morning coffee, get dressed, tackle town and get these errands done, then come home relax and attempt to get some studying done for my Interior Design course, if Bec will let me that is.

There really is a lot to look forward to this year and I am happy our anniversary is just around the corner because I don’t know what I’d do without my wonderful hubby now, I still can’t believe I married my high school sweet heart sometimes after so long apart. We are making up for lost time though and are just glad we found each other again. Somethings are just meant to be.

My thought for the day:

         Ouvertement l’amour, amour entièrement, amour avec joie, mais jamais l’amour bêtement ~ Michelle
         Love openly, love wholly, love joyfully but never love foolishly ~ Michelle