So it’s 6am on a Thursday morning and I’m blocked. Having writers block for someone who loves to write is not a good thing. To tell you the truth I have about 100 things running through my head and I just don’t know where to start. Some things I’m dying to write about but can’t as yet as it’s top secret business for a while and I don’t want to say anything until we know for sure what is happening. Now I feel I may get a bunch of emails from friends and family saying, ‘ohh tell me what’s going on, I won’t say a word.’ Well sorry people my lips are sealed, as my grandmother has said many times, (I’m sure it was her and if it wasn’t then I can’t remember who it was) loose lips sink ships, so for now all you get to know is that there are plans in the pipeline and as soon as I know what’s happening I’ll fill you all in.

2012 has started off pretty much how I expected, town is full of tourists who make it difficult to do the simple things like finding a parking space to do my weekly food shopping. Kids are on school holidays and all over the place (and the roads) and I can’t wait for them all to be back at school. Generally life for us locals in our decent sized town has been disrupted as it is every holiday season when the tourists come but then I guess that’s one of the small prices we pay for living in a tourist town, though I know a lot of locals love it when all the tourists leave and we can take back the streets and have a coffee at our favourite place without having to say, ‘there’s no chairs, we’ll go home and have a coffee.’ And to be able to actually get to the sales and not have everything already gone by the time you get into town, this year I didn’t even bother going to the after Christmas sale at Target because with all the tourists here clothes, cd’s, makeup, bathers etc have just been disappearing off the shelf before you can say boo! Now don’t get me wrong I guess you could say I used to be a tourist who came to Busselton to visit my family before I moved here permanently but why do people go on holiday to shop?? If you’re in Bali, Italy or beautiful Paris I can understand but if you live in Australia and you’re travelling through Australia where everything is the same, then why shop so much? We have the same sales nation wide and the same products but I just don’t get it, shop before you go on holiday people, you are here to relax and take in the sites and swim and have fun, you can shop when you get home, now stop it because for just once in the last 3 weeks I would like to be able to go to town and do my shopping without fighting my way to the check out and then waiting in line for 15 minutes.

I do have to say that I’m not as grumpy as I probably sound, I’m actually awake and functioning quite well so far this morning and looking forward to finishing off the house work I didn’t get done yesterday so I can get on and study some more of my new Interior Design course I started last week. I just need to make a time to go and see Mum and discuss what she wants done to the house. All hypothetical of course because it’s a test house for my course but you should have heard my poor Dad the other night at dinner, anyone would have thought I was going to start knocking out walls. He really doesn’t like change much at all, it’s got to be that HFA that most men in our family have….hehe. Any way I need to see what Mum wants ‘done’ and do up a proposal, so that should keep me busy for a while and out of town where I won’t go mad but even to get to Mums’, I’m having to go the back way to avoid all the crazy city drivers from Perth who are taking over town at the moment and there’s still 3 weeks of holidays to go…argh.

Au revoir et profitez de votre journee. ~ (Goodbye and enjoy your day.)
French, my most favourite language.